Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello Kemono!

So the wondrous creator of all the greatest anime loves in SL, Utilizator, has come out with another mesh avatar! I'm late with this too, I know, but come on it was flat chested and as much as I love cute things, I am no lolicon. Haha. Well Puppy made boobs for it, so say Hello to my new beloved Kemono avatar!

This bby is soo adorable, I love the thighs on it soo much. I went and botched a bit by using the applier with this wonderful new dress by Violent Seduction (Available @ Kustom 9!!) for the Lush breasts and laid them over the Puppy Breasts (Size 3) because it sit OH so well. Because the dress is fitted mesh it just took a little tweaking of my shape below to make it sit on the Kemono and look -super- adorable. I was really happy because after I got the Kemono I realized there is little to no clothes for it and the boobs that aren't bikinis or body suits!! There's a bit, yeah, but not as much as I'd like to see! I wanna be cute with boobies!!!

So I snagged some goodies from the Summer Of Love Fair to go with my cute little Kemono look, went for some mods that were adorable and right up my alley. Skin mod is the Sugar Mod by Pantsu Hunter and comes in 5 pastel colors that are all adorable. Stockings are from CandyCutie~ One of my favorites in this is the ADORABLE decora styled necklace by Yumyums. My oh MY did I immediately fall in love with this one. The best news? It's from Oh My Gacha!!! Make sure you jump in there for some love, because all of these from the most common to the ultra rare are AMAZING. <3 My last goodie of the night is this ADORABLE bunny by MotiAme which you can get when One Word opens July 1st for their newest round!!!

Oh, did I mention? The adorable Stellar Dress comes with matching Lingerie for all of you girlies with biiitsss!! <3


Body Stuffs;

Sugar Mod in Violet for the Kemono Avatar by Pantsu Hunter
Rosalia in Disasters by LCKY
Hoshi Eyes in Green by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
(For Kemono Avatar!!)
Kemono Avatar by Utilizator
Kemono Boobs by Puppy
Clothing Stuffs;
Stellar in Teal by Violent Seduction !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Star Stockings in Yellow by CandyCutie

Extras && Accessories;

Plastik Candy in Blue Electrik by Yumyums !!Gacha!!! New @ Oh My Gacha!!!
Hippy Daisy Bracelet in !nfinity !!Now @ Summer Of Love!!!
Hippy Daisy Upper Arm Band by !nfinity !!Now @ Summer Of Love!!!
3 Scoop in Raging Rainbow by Yumyums !!Gacha!!!
TueDye Clutch 2 by Biddy !!Now @ Summer Of Love. Gacha!!!
Hippy Headband in Daisy by !nfinity !!Now @ Summer Of Love!!!
Umbrella Bunny in Flower (Rare) by MotiAme !!New @ One Word!!!
Peace & Love Frames in Pacific by Sweet Thing !!New @ Summer Of Love!!!
::Thigh Band::
Hippy Daisy Thigh Band by !nfinity !!Now @ Summer Of Love!!!
Poses by Verocity !!Now @ Manga Fair!!!
::Body Pillow::

Sword Girls Iri Body Pillow by KRC !!Gacha!!! Now @ Manga Fair!!!


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