Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Oddities!~

I know I don't normally give you guys too much weekend love, but when I run in to something that needs to be shown, I run in to something that needs to be shown. Aii from The Ugly and The Beautiful has been providing SL with wonderous RP sundries for quite some time, and I have to say I'm captivated by every one. With the addition of mesh, of course, her creations continue to grow.

This is a full mesh avatar body; head, hands, feet, and all. It's a Giant Devil(Demon?Alien? xD) Avatar for RP purposes. It has a male form, a female form, and a spawnling form for an entire RP family! I didn't use the original shape that came with it, I instead snagged up the adorable Medusa set and cerberus pups from Geek and gave my little other worlder a little comfortable 'things from home' look she could use to explore our new world! :'D

It's very simple, but worth giving a demo! I had fun with it! And don't forget the RP accessoeiess. HAAH. <3 I want to make a fantasy RP now. ;~~; Geek always inspires me so!!! <3

Body Stuffs;

Giant Devil Avatar in Female (Sky color) by Aii The Ugly & The Beautiful
Clothing Stuffs;
Rina by Severed Garden

Extras && Accessories;

Medusa Headpiece in Onyx by Geek
Medusa Shoulder Pauldrons in Perseus by Geek

Cerberus Pup in Soul by Geek !!Gacha!!!


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