Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's Have Lunch?

Welcome to the beginning of the week! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and bloggers are blogging! Maybe? Maybe the weekend is better? I'm not really sure, but man did spring seem to not exist. I was lucky enough to get into the arcade already and get everything I waaanted. Minus one thing but I'm sure everyone wants it so I'll yardsale hop for it. Today I'm bringing you some goodies from the arcade and a release from Yumyums that I especially love. Amazingly cute and simple getas that match the cute little kimono outfits from Pixicat at the arcade! These can be found at the Thrift Shop and are so versatile they can be worn in any casual type outfit! <3333

Will you have lunch with me?

Body Stuffs;

Hope in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Boardwalk Breeze in Girl Next Door by Clawtooth !!Now @ Arcade!!!
Awake eyes in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Vampire Teeth in Long by Shine
Brandee by Loud Mouth
Lip Applier by The Sugar Garden
Hope Mouth Applier
Starry Eyelashes by Lovely Alien
Elegant 1 hands by Slink worn
Flat feet by Slink Worn

Clothing Stuffs;

Kimono in Koi by Pixicat !!Now @ Arcade!!
Traditional Getta in Koi by Yumyums !!Now @ Thrift Shop!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Croix necklace in Dark 01 by Witches & Rats !!Now @ Suicide Dollz!!!
Garden Coctail in Canary by Yummy !!Now @ Arcade!!!
Dragon Plush in Deery by Silent Sparrow !!Now @ Arcade!!!
::Hair Pin::
Hair Ornament Butterfly Clip in Buttercup 3 & Monarch 2 by The Sugar Garden
Kanzashi Tsumami in creamsicle 2 by The Sugar Garden
::Ears & Tail::
Lubin in Cute/Light by Aisling !!Now @ Arcade!!!
Roly Poly Picnic Lunch Box in Yellow by B.C.C !!Now @ Arcade!!!

Short and sweet! I have a lot to do! <3 Let's all go shopping!!!


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