Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's start the year off with some Yandere love~

I figured with it being the first day of a new year it would only be natural to bring you a new(ish) product, ne? This is a new anime/doll styled head called the Ball Jointed Head doll by Raven. It was styled for males, specifically, but I think the original one (Since there are two models) looks good for a sultry and more adult female. Also made me think of delicious yandere love, since we all know I'm a little yandere. Haha. Just like with the M3 you can change the opening of the eyes, mouth, and can change the blush. This one, however, at this moment does not have as many options as the M3. It also comes with a Dev kit so you can make your own blush, eyebrows, and skin tones. My favorite party about this head is that when you play with it it can use the standard LL eyes, though it's not easy to get it to. It also uses normal mesh eyes, so all of your pretty eyes that you've had before you can use, no special eyes needed. <3 I'm sporting this baby with the Kemono body and some of DP Yumyums' new and TO DIE FOR hairs. <3 Also worn are my beloved ears, this time in the Mer style, by De La Soul. For those of you who slacked we <3 RP is now closed and your ability to get them at a discounted price is gone. HOWEVER, they're still available at the De La Soul main store AND on the Market Place. I'm hoping to see some people snagging up the dev kit for both these ears and this head soon so I can get some amazing mods for them and look adorable and blood thirsty/sexy whenever I want, even in animu. <3 Happy Shopping!

Body Stuffs;

Mess made by a friend and I to match the Raven BJD Head
BarberYumyum*39B in browns by DP Yumyums !!New!!!
BarberYumyum*35B_parts in ALL by DP Yumyums !!New & Free!!!
Lillian Eyes in Hazel by Buzzeri
BJD Head V1.0 by Raven !!New Release!!!
(Right outside and across from UTI's store!)
Kemono Body by Utilizator
Kemono Chubby Body by Black Heart
Kemono Boodies in type 2 L by Bark Bark Meow Meow
Clothing Stuffs;
Kinky Babydoll (Chub & Anti-Grav ver.) by Torchi
Kemono Panties (Chubby Body) by Black Heart
Heels for Kemono by Rei's Stuff !!New Release!!!
!!Mod on Shoes by Mary Cakes. Glittery Bow Mods!!

Extras && Accessories;
Accessory-6 in Cancer by DP Yumyums !!Gacha!!!

Uni Ears in Mer by De La Soul !!Now on MP & In Main Store!!!


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