Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pastel Gothie Treat Time~

Heeeeeyyyy looves~ So a friend's store has changed their ways and wants to go more pastel gothy, which I love because pastel goth is the only kinda goth I can really do and not feel too uncomfortable in. I really like the mixture of bright colors and light colors with black, sooo~ I threw together a cute little pastel goth look with some of the goodies from Kawaii Project (Before I'm too late with it! xD), N21, and the Winter Trend fair. I'm totally digging this sweater by Katat0nik. Her patterns are always amazing but this one just... hng. Sealed my heart. I'm also loving that Suicidal Unborn is redoing their socks to have TMP and Maitreya appliers. The whole outfit really came together with Epic's Bow Stomper boots. They're, by far, my favorite of her newest released. Since Amai has changed their name to Fawn's Demise and I have their cupcake hunt prize to treat myself with, I thought it was adorable that Mango Cheeks made a rose fawn headdress. Ah. I love everything. Less ramble, more credits. Remember KP closes soon so go shopshopshop~

Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Barber Yumyum 42 by Double Paradox Yumyums
Hairpieces GURA21 in brown by booN
Lillian Eyes in Hazel by Buzzeri
S02 Kirei Eyelashes by FTL
Female Body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project w/hands
Clothing Stuffs;
Fitmesh Sweatshirt in Pastel Sailor by Katat0nik !!Now @ Kawaii Project. Gacha!!!
Nylon Stockings #9 by Suicidal Unborn !!Updated w/ Mesh Body Appliers! Go grab Redelivery for updates on previous purchases!!!
Bow Stomp Boots in ice by Epic !!New Mainstore Release!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Braces Teeth in Color by Shine
Cryptic Candy Collars in Pink (Prayer) by Quirky !!Now @ N21!!!
Kawaii Kassette Necklace in Bats.White by Epic !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
Tummyache Cuppycake by Fawn's Demise !!For Cupcake Anonymous Hunt!!!
Winter Sea Pups in Flower Crown by Half-Deer !!Gacha @ Winter Trend!!!
Bashful Fox in Blue by Birdy !!Now @ Kawaii Project!!!
Lambie Pie in Pink & Black by Silent Sparrow !!Now @ Kawaii Project!!!
Snow Angel Headpiece in Purple by Le Fil Casse !!Now @ Oh My Gacha!!!
Deer Romance in Cream by Mango Cheeks !!New @ N21!!!
Snow Angel Wings in Lavender by Le Fil Casse !!Now @ Oh My gacha!!!
Glitter Glam in Pink Tint by Song
My Line Blush in Strawberry by Utopiah
My Round Blush in Candy by Utopiah

Holiday Lip Glaze in Pink Party <3 by Pink Acid

Bed: Beary Bed in Pink by Candy Crunchers
Wall: Night Sky Curtain & Star String Lights by Tarte !!New @ Uber!!!


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