Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chobii Ojousama~

I would like to thank all the little sparkles and rays of moonlight that have stood by me through my darkest hours until I got here.


I'm honestly not too capable of coherent conversation, so let me just say how much I adore the print on this dress, the faces, and the roses. It's gorgeous. Has an option for pretty much every mesh body, of not close to every one. O: I know it has TMP and Slink for sure, as I'm wearing Slink with Angelica's new skin, and a pair of socks from Quirky. ALL from Kawaii Project. Dress is, of course, my lover from another country Iki from Violent Seduction. Seems my love have dwindled to infatuation, but I shall never give up! Details below because I'm rambling anyway... and making soup. Mmm soup.

Body Stuffs;

Angie in MilkTea by Angelica !!New @ Kawaii project!!
Babette in Essentials by Blueberry Hair
Envi Eye in Cheri by Song !!New @ Kustom 9!!!
S02 Kirei Eyelashes by FTL
Elegant L
Elegant 1 R
High Feet by Slink Work
Nail Appliers Japanesque by Love Soul
Clothing Stuffs;
Moon Princess in Teal by Violent Seduction !!New @ Kawaii Project!!!
Brr Winter Knee Socks in White by Quirky !!New @ Kawaii Project!!!
Unicorn Heel in Metal (Gold) by Pixicat !!New @ C88!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Fashionabow Girl Head Piece in Blush by Boom
Uni ears in Boggart by .:Soul:. !!New Release!!!
Unicute Charm Necklace in Rainbow by The Sugar Garden !!Now @ C88!!!
Snow Angel Necklace in Pink by Le Fil Casse !!New @ OMG!!
Daily Queen Crown by Yumyums !!No Longer Available!!
Family Ring by Yumyums !!No Longer Available!!!
Electra Unicorn Horn by Maxi Gossamer !!Now @ C88!!
Ethereal Wings in Green by Cerberus Crossing !!Now @ We<3RP!!!
Human Sexy Teeth by Shine
Cherub Wings in Marshmallow by Cerberus Crossing !!New @ The Seasons Story!!!
Hamburger Bangle in Cerise by Candy Doll !!New @ OMG!!!
::Hair Clips::
Heart & Moon Clip in Silver by Cooties

First Love Blusher in Rose (Dark) by Angelica !!New @ TLC!!!


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