Monday, January 19, 2015

Oral Importance

Happy Monday~ A holiday to boot! My shoulder's not much better, but I need to get up and at 'em! Simple look for you guys today with a serious message! Hahah ok not so serious but I thought Blah's Gacha from OMG was perfect with the news for today. Tomorrow I have another round of Oral surgery. Seems the teethy/bones left in my mouth are not healing like they're supposed to. They have to take them out! As if we needed more reason to practice orgal hyging, Hoshi went and made us some adorable and delicious tooth brush/tooth paste mouthies which you can Snag at OMG. I have a friend who is a big poop mouth, so I tried to force clean him. >:D Jkjk, but thanks to Jwolf Vyper for posing for me. If you wanna know his deets, can IM. He's wearing a new skin with TMP appliers for males. Keep yer mouth clean kids! MUAHMUAH~


Body Stuffs;

Catherine in Latte by Pink Acid
Hair 34 with Hair Parts 35 by Double Paradox YumYums
Pure Eyes in Green by Angelica !!Gacha @ Tss!!!
Babydoll in Deluxe by The Shops
Female Body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project
Clothing Stuffs;
Goodnight Bongsook Pajamas 6 by M.Birdie Story !!Gacha!!!
Lace Dress in White by Beautiful Dirty Rich
Candy Mountain Slippers in Coconut by Forever Famous !!New @ OMG!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Uni Ears in Luin by .:Soul:. !!NEW RELEASE!!!
Supa Kawaii Shine Toothbrush in Strawberry(RARE) by Blah !!New @ OMG!!!
Supa Kawaii Shine Toothpaste in Choco Berry (RARE) by Blah !!New @ OMG!!!
Supa Kawaii Sleeping Mask RARE by Blah !!New @ OMG!!!
Wild Goat Thing in Cream by Bokeh !!Now @ Leaf On The Wind!!!
Messenger Cup Fraise RARE by Lolita !!New @ OMG!!!



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