Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tea With Chii!

Good middle of the week, loves~ Sorry about my missed post yesterday! I was shopping! I found some amazing things at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room! Some of which I wanted to show you today, but I'm a day behind.. so tomorrow! Promise! Today I have an amazing dress from Melon Bunny. Her WIP for TSS made me remember this baby was in my inventory. Saka also had one from her she'd been wanting to blog so we got together, got some stuff to set the mood, and had a little lolita tea party together! I absolutely -love- Melon Bunny's lolita. It's top notch on the grid right now~ <3 I know most of you have seen her sweaters and mittens and her kimonos from Xiasumi, but I thought I should remind you that she does so much more! Now with hair coming out as well!

Creds below. MUAH!

Body Stuffs;

Bomi skin in Tanning by VCO
Barber Yumyum 41 & Parts in Brown by Double Paradox YumYums
(DP Yumyums!)
Natsu Eyes in Duo Green by Umeboshi
So2 Kirei Lashes by FTL
::Feet & Hands::
High Feet
Casual Left hand
Elegant 1 Right hand all by Slink
Lara by Maitreya
Clothing Stuffs;
Gardner by Melon Bunny
Heart Tights in White by Izzie's
(Put on with Omega Applier. I do not usually support these but with the excessive releases of mesh bodies have caved to use it ONLY on simple things like stockings and NEVER expecting things to fit the mesh bodies like it did what the applier was made for, considering I know they're two completely different meshes. Please do now use these for things like skins and clothes and expect similar results and do not message any creator if anything I state was put on with an omega applier because it doesn't fit you how you see it fit me/or me if you can't get them to work. Thank you. :'D)
Impossibly High Heels in Sleeping Beauty Edition by The Annex

Extras && Accessories;
::Choker & Wrist Cuffs::
Antoinette in Yellow by Boom !!New @ Uber!!!
Bunneh Fufu Rang in Woody LightBrown by HolliPocket
Girleh Boweh in Taupe by HolliPocket !!Gacha!!!
::Hair goodies::
Rose & Daisy Corolla in Yellow by Ambrosia !!Gacha!!!
Gardner Headband by Melon Bunny (Comes with dress!)
Rose Ribbon Hair Accessory in Old Orange by Ambrosia !!Gacha!!!
3 Minutes in full/gold by [ Glow ] Studio

Tea Party Picnic Basket in Tea/Heart by Caco's Greenhouse

Pink Rose Bush 1-4 (Mesh) by Thus Magic
Hedge Round Small and Arch in Dark by Mesh Plants
Climbing Rose Arch in White by Mesh Plants
Cloud Lamp - Pink, Heart Stool, Heart Table, Table Tea Cups, Cups on the floor, Panda Cookie Jar (Gacha) all by Kalopsia
(Please note that the heart stools, table, and tea cups are all together in a Red Queen package)

Saka's Credits can be found here


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