Friday, January 16, 2015

Snow Bunnies~

Sorry about the horrible delay, loves! I have outfits all set up too! ;~; My shoulder's really bad so I've had to take breaks here and there. This post took me three days alone. One for set up, one for picture and editing, and I was going to take a break for the weekend but decided to get on and credit for you all so you know there's some shopping to be done AND get you an update so you don't think I disappeared! So we all know The Season Story opened up and Melon Bunny released this GORGEOUS Bunny Shaman dress. The textures are amazing and even look like they'd be... embroidered.. if that makes sense. It's honestly gorgeous. Comes with the hood which has a bow that has flexi bottom parts and sways adorably as you move about. The fur is, as usual with Melon Bunny, to die for and so amazing looking. It's honestly one of my favorite releases of the last few events. <3 I was dying looking for some cute shoes to go with it. Nearly no one made winter boots until K9 and KP. Or so I -thought- before another look around The Season Story showed me Katat0nik's adorable Gacha for cute winter boots that are both cozy and comfy looking. There are a bunch of super cute designs and it's available for Physique or standard feet/legs. :D I'm wearing them with my TMP so they work with that as well! (Going to assume that means it works for all you Lara lovers also!) Ok! Rambling! Here's your credits loves!


Body Stuffs;

Catherine in Latte by Pink Acid !!New @ The Season Story!!!
Lemon in Huds 01 by Magika
Almost Human Spiral eyes in Patient by Dead Apples
Babydoll in Deluxe by The Shops
Female body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project
Clothing Stuffs;
Shaman Dress in Grasslands by Melon Bunny !!New @ The Seasons Story!!!
Simple Stockings in white by Soft Voices Creations
Comfy Boots in Dark Stripe by Katat0nik !!Gacha!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Mermaid Dreams in Shell necklace (Blue) by Atomic !!New @ OMG!!!
Knit Gloves in White by Reign !!New @ The Seasons Story!!!
Jar in Star Crystals by Melon Bunny !!Gacha @ The Seasons Story!!!

d├ęcor credits can be found on Saka's blog. As well as what she's wearing! <3


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