Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Soo.. monday came and I wasn't back full swing. D: I even had to cancel therapy today. Boo. I, however, did not forget about you lovies!!!

I did the pictures for the look I was talking about, and used a pose and those cute wall stickers from this round of Bubblegum Alley which is running until the 12th of this month! I'ma pop out another post showing you some more of the cute stuff you can pick up this round that's useable by adults, a ton of it is TD clothes though!! So if you have a baby take 'em over for a great round of fashion at Bubblegum Alley

The dress I'm wearing is by Chaaarrrm. <3 I was going to go for like a stripper look, I swear. Got on TSG's bubble shoes, which are super stripper shoes, and a little mini dress. Swore I was gonna slut it up and cute it up and HNG! I blushed the moment I saw what would have been my 'final' look, threw on a cardigan from TSG, some leggings, and a sweater to cover most of my neck line. XD I can't do it!!!

I have muches I wanna show you guys, but sadly this week is going to be short on posts. I'm really ill getting over this UTI and I've had about four days straight of migraines now. BAH! They are what is really keeping me away. (Fist shake @ sensitivity to light tiems!)

The Goods;

Snowfall hair in Winter (Browns) by Tableau Vivant
Sin in Red by Charm
Leggings in Black by AD
Cute Cardi in Black by The Sugar Garden
Bubbles Heels in Pink by The Sugar Garden
(For Slink HIGH feet ONLY. <3)

Baloon Ribbon in Black by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations
Eksusha Scarf in Glitz by Plastik
Sponge Floral Necklace in Silver by Bliensen & MaiTai
::Ring 1::
Panda Ring by Love Soul
::Ring 2::
Ring of Unity in Pink/Silver by O.M.E.N
Gaya's call in Holy by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations
::Eye Shadow & Lip Stick::
Winter Eye Shadow & Lip Stick by Pekka

Enjoy the weeks loves, you'll only see me once more and no time for COAB this week, I'm really sorry!! Soon though, soon! I got a bunch of new Truth hairs you HAVE to see, Stuff from OMG, more from BA, AND the 25 for 25 hunt has started!!!

Need to get back to bed before these drugs wear off and my head attacks me for having reunited with the PC again!


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