Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ooh, come innn come innn~


Anyone want to try some of our... brew? D;

So Lilis and I got together in our awesome new dresses from Blue Blood and got a bunch of our little funness together so we could make awesome potions to bewitch you all! We're cute right, right, right, right? You love us right, right, right, right? Is it working yet? Is it? Is it? Is it? IS IT?

She's the cute witchie of candy and goodies and funness! … I'm the shy and quiet witchie that... well... will probably end your life. BUT THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT, RIGHT? WANNA TRY THE BREW?

I'm oddly hyper, I think I've been eating too many of Lili's dangos from her little cauldron. ;A; I can't help it though they look so shinny! They're from her friend Inu's store Amai which you guys should check out if you want little sweets to add to your life! I got my sweets right beside me. <33Lilikiiiinnnsss.


Body Stuffs;
Gaia in Light Browns by Truth
Little Angels in Ice Lemonade by Chop Shop !! Now @ Omg!!!

Clothing Stuffs;

Symbol in Pink by Blue Blood

Extras && Accessories;

Lynthia's Jewel in Bronze and Pink by Keystone !!Now @ OMG!!!
Glossy Pout in Hot Pink (Dark) by Pink Fuel
::Lips 2::
Glossy Lip Highlights in 3D by Izzie's
::Wrist Cuffs::
Lolita Wrist Wraps in Pink by Devious Minds !!Now @ OMG!!!
Aura Necklace in Worn Bronze by The Forge !!Now @ OMG!!!

Fledermaus Batty Plush in Ash by Silent Sparrow

Elegant 1 hands and flat slink feet worn. Appliers by By Snow



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