Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Coab 22

Sweet, sweet coab day. Sweet, sweet Wednesday~ The week is almost over! Two more days, two more days~ Then the weekend! The weekend brings me no happiness this time though.. Lovebug's being sent away for three weeks and I will be... alone... T__T I don't handle being alone well, so this suuucks.

It's been cold again so I made a cute look with a free jacket that's being given away on the MP! :D <3 Keep warm, everyone! Finding freebs has been a big downer lately. I've even been to multiple events but there aren't any gifts out.. <.3 I'm sorry guys! I always have the MP to find awesome things for you at though! <33 This week my only good find was this group gift by Al Vulo. It's such a cute skin, I haaad to show it to you all. ^__^ <3


Body Stuffs;

Ewa * Kinder Red Brow Fairy by Al Vulo !!Group Gift!!!
Hair 108 in Mocha by Love Soul
Limunate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Lush Lashes by Eye Candy

Clothing Stuffs;

Mesh Winter Coat in black by THD
Woolen Socks by Y&R
Clogs in Black by Industria

Extras && Accessories;

Steampunk Winged Clock Necklace by JPK

Very simple, but still cute, look for you this week. I hope to find better goodies soon!


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