Thursday, January 30, 2014

Careless as the week ends~

I have another lovely dress to show you all today by Blue Blood called “Careless” I really love outfits that help me think up mini stories in my over active imagination. The baby Chimera I'm holding which wiggles around ADORABLY is from The Fantasy Collective event and he and my adorable little Ramen glasses from Love Soul mixed with the name of the dress gave me the image of chasing around a michevious little baby Chimera until the snakey tail knocked lunch on to my head! XD

Couch I'm standing next to is my favorite from the Iconic Gacha from this round of Chapter 4 which closes soon. <..3 I got the whole set. OBSESSSIVE HM? I'll show more off later but for now you can see the couch with the cuuute fox and owwwl. <3 Lovebug is fox obsessed and I love cows and derpy owls. SO LOVE THIS. <3

Lovelovelove these lashes I'm sporting, by the way, from Dark Midday Designs called “Sad Dolly Lashes”. They have gems on them to look like tear drops and an overly spread look to them that reminds me of the perfect lashes that are painted on to dolls. They're so much fun because they're mesh and they can be adjusted by pieces (top and bottom) which makes them easy. They have an option to color hald, just the tips, or wholes so you can match them to your outfit! Even the gems can be changed. They're so much fun!!

Gaming, soso done now! I have some goodies to show you next week so this weekend is going to be -awesome- for making outfits. Tomorrow I have some fun from the last round of Suicide Dolls to show you and something from Epic, whom I don't shop from often! O: <3


Body Stuffs;

Elly in Sugar/Pure by Pink Fuel
Many in HUDS01 by Magika
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden
Sad Doll Lashes by Dark Midday Designs
Eye Candy Lush Lashes

Clothing Stuffs;

Cute Cardi in Black by The Sugar Garden
Careless in Red by Blue Blood
Starlight Socks in Black by Witches & Rats !!Now @ Suicide Dollz!!!
Dastard Boots in Black by Cashmere
Mid Slink feet ONLY

Extras && Accessories;

Wnter is coming Necklace in House Greyjoy by Le Fil Casse !!Now @ Omg!!!
Silver Cross Red Ring by Sakide
::Ring 2::
Galactic Rings in Sunset by Mango Cheeks
Boho Bag in Twine by Moon
::Hair Bow::
Boogily Bow Nest in Just Black by Candy Mountain
Chimera Cub in LE Color Burnt by Alchmey !! @ Fantasy Collective!!!
Decorative Glasses Noodles & Noodles on Head by Love Soul
Gacha Phone Jelly Gray by OffBeat
Black Cheek Heart by Candy Mountain
Clossy Chapstick in Rage by Random Matter
::Eye Shadow::
Twindle Shadow in Fire by Buzzeri
Face & Body Freckles by Oh! Liv

See yous tomorrow with more fun!


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