Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Polar Sanctuary~

Hello, hello! So today I want to show you guys WHY I got the Loud Mouth and a bunch of the goodies from Seasons Story event! O: <3

Yesyes, I got the loud mouth for the M3 anime head! I wanted to give it a little bit of a more... mature look. I was going for that.. delicious look you see in hentais when girls are overly aroused and just tooo cute to handle. Their cheeks get all red and their lips get all defined and... hnnnggg. <3 Perfection! I was happy to learn that the Loud Mouth DOES work on the M3 anime head. I made the skin applier for myself and my Lilikins since we'd made an agreement to wear the head more and be as cute as possible in it. We tried on the mouth together and got it to work just how we wanted it!

I'm sporting a hair from the Seasons Story event that I fell in love with the second I saw it! LOVE. THE. BUNNY. HOOD. Also sporting a bag that was a Gacha there from mishmish~ AND OF COURSE, the new Dark Midday Designs BLOOMER SHORTS/CUPID SKIRT. (Can you tell I'm in love?) These are the perfection of cuteness combined with the appeal of being able to show off so much leg. I'm wearing them over the thicker leg version of the cute azz, too! O:


Body Stuffs;

Luna in A tone by The Sugar Garden
Brickworks Hair in Cowl Up Winter by Tableau Vivant
Neko Eye M3 MOD by Pomf
Human Teeth in Sexy by Shine
Brandee with TSG Luna Applier in Smarties by Loud Mouth
Sprite Lashes M3 Head Mod by Chus
M3 Anime Head by Utilizator
Elegant 1 hands by Slink worn with Death bow Nails applier by Random Matter
Slink Flat Feet for Women Worn

Clothing Stuffs;

Low Cut Thermal Tee in Violet by 1 Hundred
Cupid Skirt with Bloomers by Dark Midday Designs
Teddy Slippers in White by Mango Cheeks

Extras && Accessories;

The Catch My Starfish Necklace RARE by Olive !!gacha!!!
Cotton Candy Bracelet in Grape/gum x6 by Precious !!Gacha!!
::Bracelets 2 & Collar::
Leather & Mixed Gems Owner Collar and Bracelets by KittyCatS
Galactic Rings in Sunset by Mango Cheeks !!Gacha!!!
The Polar Sleepbag in White/Pink by Mishmish !!Gacha @ Seasons Story!!!
::Hair Bow::
Bell Hairbows in Long Lavendar by The Sugar Garden
::Face stars::
Face Stars in Indigo by Ni.Ju
Snow Cub by Birdy
Chocolate Stick Bear in White by Love Soul
::Sleep Mask::

Sleepy Polar Bear Sleeping Mask by Tee*fy


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