Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Tuesday, tuesday.

Therapy day.

A day of calming, letting go, and making peace. I've really come to love tuesday. It's a day I use to surround myself with simple things that make me happy. Simple things like bright colors. Hnnng I love bright colors.

This Tuesday also brought me a possible mesher for lovebug and my RP sim for the Skies of Arcadia RP we're going to start! I'm super excited for this!!!

I know, not wearing much, but I really love this little garter by Forever Young and I wanted to show you guys that the cute azz works pretty well with a standard size medium mesh! I'm wearing a mesh skirt over it. :] <3 I also pulled out a ton of little accessories I love because, well honestly, they all make me squee!

I got this hair from Truth that is pretty old, but I really like it. I know, I know. NO GREEN EYES. What is this madness, right? This madness is a round of eyes from Kustom 9 by Buzz called Hime eyes. I got the purple and green packs, and today I'm showing you Midnight. <3 SO. Pretty. Hng.

Still gotta finish SOA! <3

The Goods;
Body Stuffs;

Rocky in Light Browns by Truth
Hime Eyes in Midnight by Buzz !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Taper ears by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;

Low cut thermal tee in light blue by 1 hundred !!Now @ Omg!!!
Double Mini Skirt by Juicy Pop
Cozies in Pink by Reign

Extras && Accessories;

::Health bar::
My Pixel Heartz Rainbow by Pinku Pantsu
::Hair Bow::
Spiked Bow Hairband in Fantasy by Mag<3.b.
Spiked Mesh Choker in Pink by Darkside
Antler and Ring Necklace in Ice by Half Deer
Bunny Scarf in white by Tentacio !! Now @ Omg!!!
Fukiage pipe Kitty #2 by Naminoke !!Now @ Omg!!!
Diva Lip Gloss in Magenta by Pink Acid
::Lipgloss 2::
Glossy Lip Highlights in 1C by Izzie's
Pearly Girlie Wrist Jizz Bracelet & Hand Piece by Holli Pocket
::Ring 2::
Whipped Cream Ring by Half Deer
::Cell phone::
Gacha Phone Jelly in Rose by Offbeat !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Vintage Radio in Pink by Bubble
Bunny Head Warmer in Carnation by Mango Cheeks

Elegant 1 hands and high feet worn by slink with appliers by flair and intrepid. Luck Inc's cute azz worn


Have fun playing with your new toys!


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