Monday, January 13, 2014

Who is she?

It’s a dangerous world out there, but someone has to brave it. A world filled with greifers, copybotters, spammers, and frauds. A world filled with anyone willing to eff anyone over in order to get ahead in a virtual world. Stealing ideas, snatching other people's ’ully finished works, and staking claim to things that don’t belong to them for pixelated fame that they’ll never deserve. People are ruthless and self-centered, it’s a scary scary world.

In times like this, we need a hero… and one such hero has appeared. She shops the MP and learns of templates to bring who does and does not actually put the effort into their work that they’re charging for. She braves full events to bring news of fashion to the masses. She walked through hoards of people in disguise so that no one may know her real identity or the true purpose of her antics. She is THE MASKED C and she is here to keep all the SLers safe!!!

No one knows who this mysterious beauty is, where she came from, or what drivers her to do what she does. There are a select few, however, who follow her and take to heart the things she says and shows them. For these people, as far and few as they may be (Or as abundant!!!) she continues!

Want to be a masked super hero too? Anyone wanna help me figure out who she is? I snapped these pictures before heading to Philly to see my baby niece who was just born on the 9th. I’ll be home tomorrow to try and learn more, but I didn’t want to disappoint! I said I’d be back Monday so here I am with pictures of an awesomely dressed super hero!! More from me tomorrow. <33

The Goods;

Body Stuffs;

Zelda in Kit Kat by Lamb
Fantasy Elf Ears by Mandala
Clothing Stuffs;

A/D/E Uruwa in Blue by r2 !!Now @ C88!!!
Bunny Stockings in Blue by Coepio
My Charming Pumps in Frost Queen by Blah !!FROST Exclusive!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Missing You Mask in Weding by Katat0nik !!Now @ C88!!!
::Necklace & Ring 1::
Royal Khadijah Estate in Long Combo by Maxi Gossamer !!Now@Fameshed!!!
::Studs & Ring 2 & Anklets::
Ice Lumi Anklet, Stud earrings, and ornate ring w/plain band by Schadenfreude !!Now @ C88!!!
::Hanging earrings::
Stone Age Earrings in Sky by LNS Jewelry !!Now @ 25 for 25 Hunt!!!
Starry Night Bangles by Maxi Gosamer !!Now @ Fameshed!!!
Holding Weasel in Puff Wind Elemen-tails by Silent Sparrow
Tiny Angel Wings by Half Deer
::Eye Make-up::
Winter Holiday Gift by R3i
::Lipgloss 1::
Winter Lipsticks in Light Blue by Pekka
::Lipgloss 2::
Glossy Lip Highlights in 3d by Izzie’s
::Magic wand::
Moonlight Magic Cutie Moon Rod in Blue by The Sugar Garden !!Now @ Omg!!!

Slink Elegant 1 Hands and High feet worn. Nail Appliers are by Witches & Rats and are new in their main store!!! Along with these awesome Nail appliers they have a new panties Gacha and I happened to peek up the masked ones skirt to see that she was wearing a pair to cover her goods! I played a few times and here are my favorites!!!


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