Thursday, January 16, 2014

Coab 20

Oooh looveerrsss~

Today's the daaay~ A coab to coab the week! I have to say, while this outfit is not only away from my usual.. a bit... maybe...? It doesn't match as much as I normally like to match, but for some reason... I really love it! These socks and this top are the whole reason I put the outfit together. The socks are the Lolita Haven Group gift by Witches & Rats this month. Super cute, I know. I ask that those of you that join the group for the socks PLEASE know and understand that the lolita we love is a fashion with very specific fashion rules. If you want to attend meets and things of that sort please IM me first to discuss these as our meets are in theme. Joining just for the socks? Okay.. but... maybe leave after getting them? I'm trying to see the real calling of the Lolita Fashion Community in SL so I don't want numbers just for number. I ADORE YOU ALL, just... numbers for numbers do me no good.

STILL THESE SOCKS. HNG. <3 They come with Phat and cute azz appliers!!!

The shirt is the Witches & Rats Group gift, and had tango/lushie appliers. I really like the mix of the pink and the black with the lace to keep the modesty while still being a little sexy. Hng. <3

The Goods;

Body Stuffs;

Rola in Dark Browns by Taketomi

Clothing Stuffs;

Fancy Shirt in Pink by Witches & Rats !!Group Gift!!!
Mini Skirt Black by TMS Promo
Meow Socks by Witches & Rats !!Lolita Haven Group Gift!!!
Zombie Shoes by SSW

Extras && Accessories;
Bubble Horn Ice Cream by Dele
Aros D Earring by MDL
Spiked Bow Tie in Pink By DarkSide
Free Mesh Necklace #2 by Solita Shelman
Summer colorful Bangles by Pr!tty
Maybe they're real rings in white by Olive
::Hair Bow::
Spiked Bow by AMD
Strawberry Glasses by Katat0nik
Floral Clutch by Brixley !!Now @ 25 for 25 Hunt!!!
Jelly Make-up Eyes + Lips 2 by Janis

Elegant 1 hands worn with Witches & Rats appliers from thr 25 for 25 hunt!!!

I gave in and got the cute azz after working it to fit my shape in a way I'm pretty okay with. That and a bunch of new stuff from Dark Midday Designs (Since she's back!!!) coming to you next week. Tomorrow some fun items from the 25 for 25 hunt comin' up! Stay tuned! x3


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