Monday, August 26, 2013

Bitter Bunny's Rini Hime and Pose Play!

When I got back today I decided to unbox a bunch of stuff I've gotten in the last few weeks and put them into the folders they belong in. A group I'm in has weekly cleaning inventory Wednesdays and I clean with them, so I figured emptying boxes into my inventory was a great way to start the next week because now it gives me a lot to clean up come Wednesday!

In doing so I found some clothes I forgot I bought! Bitter Bunnies Designs has faction'd her stores into mini labels by look, one of which being Rini Hime which is my favorite of all of them due to the light colors and cutesy design of the clothes.

So I used this adorable jumper skirt she made because I about diiied when I saw it. <3

I also found a few poses that I found free on the MP that I'd never gotten a chance to play with. My friend Blu wanted to be a part of a photo shoot after my other friend and I did one with our characters we made so I decided to test the poses with her.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cute in Honey Kitty & Weekend Break!

I know all my second life friends know, but I dunno if anyone who looks at the blog knows soooo please keep note that I am not on Second Life on the weekends. I spend them with my lovebug playing games and/or shopping and doing things we can't do during the week when he works.

As such there will be no new outfits posted over the weekend, nor will any requests for Ncs be answered over the weekend.

However all inquiries will be responded to on Monday when I return. <3

For my last post of this week, an outfit that I put together for my Lolita group's meet up and tea party today~

See you Mondaaay. :D <3

Thursday, August 22, 2013

RMK's elegance~ A couple's shoot! >//<~

So far so good on getting a post in a day. I really want to show off more of my looks, and I'm having a lot of fun doing it.

Now normally I venture on SL with friends, alone in the world of 'real' as my lovebug works. However, last night when he came home and saw me dressing he asked if I thought I could dress him, and I said of course, I dress boys! (A joke between us because I've dressed friends who were male irl and had female avatars) His response to that was no, really, as a boy. I was a little taken, I haven't dressed a male av before.

In the end we decided to shop, and today he gave me L to get a dress that matched one of the outfits he made last night.

It inspired me to do this post!

I love the elegance of RMK's clothing, and should really invest in more of it. I neglect Gothy lolita because I sooo adore sweets.

Hope you enjoyed!

NC for this one will have both the male and female information on it, but will not be available until Monday August 26th.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cute on a budget 1 ; Soul Glitter

Most things don't come cheap here in SL, and for those of us who don't want to put money in world (Or those of you maybe, I do it when I can I'm terrible with shopping XD) it can make being super cute and/or as sexy as you want to be pretty difficult.

I'm pretty awesome at finding a good deal. I'm going to try to do these 'cute on a budget' posts once a week, showcasing a bunch of great freebies/dollarbies I've found in my travels.

I also realized that while I say I have a varied fashion style in SL, mostly because I love color vomit and playing with things, that I've only thus far shown super cutesy outfits. Here's one a little on the more mature side, although I couldn't eliminate cute all together. I'm a sucker for it!

Four of the eight things I'm wearing are available on the MP or in world for free or just 1L. I say eight things because the pearl set (necklace, bracelets, and ring) are available all together for free and so I counted it as one item. The other things I'm wearing vary but are still under 300L each. (Hairs are usually 250L and that's the most expensive thing being worn aside from the skin which is always the same aside from color variations unless specified.)

Because the theme of these posts is cute on a budget, I will be offering the note card on where to find the items in this look for free, including market place links and land marks. :D <3

For a note card, message Chobii in world. x3

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cutsie Ambrosia Dress~

I have enough outfits to post on here once daily for the next year and never have to buy anything new.

Unfortunately I do not have the attention span to want to sit still and edit the pictures together and downsize them to fit on the blog, so I haven't been doing anything.

Those of you who do read can blame Tales of Xillia, my lolita group blog is also suffering from the game eating all my free time.

However I was doing a store review for that blog and came up with an outfit I ended up liking more than I thought I would!!!

The store review was for Ambrosia and this look and others can also be seen on my Lolita blog;

I'm gonna try to be better about this and post daily. <___<;

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kawaii Couture at the Candy Factory!

Now, I don't run around much on second life for a variety of reasons, but there are a few things I can't turn down. CANDY IS ONE OF THEM~

However, I didn't actually go to the candy factory... so I can't tell you much about the event.

I can, however, show you the stuff my friend has for sale at the candy factory and give you a SLURL (That's fun to say aloud, by the way) to her beach store that has a lm to the candy factory! :D

I made three different looks from the stuff she has for sale there, for only &&75L!

One used the dress, which is a cute remake of her Rockabilly Dolly outfit using her new swimsuit.

I still -love- the silky look of the texture and the folds of the skirt. Everything on this outfit minus the hair, my skin, and shape (Of course) are all Kawaii Couture. The extra bows on the outfit are not currently available as being someone who frequents the store gets paid off really well with random freebies given away. The anklets, bracelets, rings, and necklace are also not available currently. PLEASE DO NOT BUG THE OWNER ABOUT THEM. Plus who knows if she'll make them available for sale anyway in time. Just keep an eye out and pop into her store!

The swimsuit itself is super cute, and makes all grily curves look really nice. I don't usually expose so much skin, but for the sake of letting people see the adorable lines in the swimsuits I exposed myself! ;A;!! Again, the bows on the hips and on the chest/back are not currently available, but keep checking in because she likes to pop things in and out to reward those who enjoy her world for what it is and don't just shop and run.

There is a lot of really cute and fun things in the store, which I will show off more later. For now, I'll show you the adorable bubble from her Juicy Cute gum that's available!

It's fun to sit in and lounge around when you're busy in IMs or building or just about anything except moving around with your avatar since it keeps floating around all adorably~

Her Candy Factory stuff represents the things she's been doing on her sim as of lately.

The entire ground floor is an awesome beach at the moment, with a soda pop (DoLlYpOp Brand!) pool featuring a 7Seas pond for those who enjoy fishing!

She also has swimsuits in other colors, flip flops that are solid or dotted in colors to match her swimsuits and more, a gacha for flip flop earrings that are super adorable (but eaten by my hair in the pictures a little. Sorry. ;A;), and another gacha for attachable swim rings with three different poses; each of which were shown in my pictures here. The swim rings are fun because you can wade around in water even in areas that don't allow drops because of the positioning shown above. Each of her swimsuits come with an optional ruffle around the bust AND bottom parts to add a cute and girly flare. :]]D

I had a lot of fun with everything, so I hope you try to play with it too! Contact me in world to share looks! Chobii's the name! 


Monday, August 5, 2013


Welcome to my cutsie little blog! I'll be using this space to show off outfits I throw together in the wonderful world of Second Life! No, I will not include detailed cards telling you where I got everything, because even if I did, you wouldn't be able to recreate my looks. Want to try? You can NC or IM me on Second Life and purchase note cards with the detailed information on my looks, including landmarks and/or marketplace links. I will label the stores most things come from, but it'll be up to you to figure it out from there.

I've been told I'm a master prim manipulator, why I say you won't be able to recreate my looks easily, anyway. The note cards come with the awesome privilege of me helping you resize and reposition (by text explanation only on the second) anything in the card (or even anything you decide to add to the look over what I'm using because I love creativity) to fit you as well as it's shown to fit me. With, of course, the exception of rigged mesh which is not at all modifiable. I will, however, help those who are interested in mesh clothing dress as well, seeing as some people can't figure how to make it work well.

(Dress and boots from Lo*Momo. A country and semi-lolita styled dress for when I want my frills and cute but don't wanna cover the girls <3)

And a little bit about me; I'm 26 years old and living on the East coast of the United States. I'm a logical person who is too much out of touch with her emotional side and slowly learning about it again. I am a woman irl as well as on second life. Irl I'm a bit chubby, but for the most part my avatar is made to look as much like me, but perfected, as I could make her look and still have her be SUPER cute. BACK TO BUSINESS: Because of this my shape is NOT for sale, so shapes will never be listed on my note cards unless I'm using a friend as a model. (Which I will do because my friends love that I like to play dolls and dress them up from time to time. <3Aubrrrryyyy) NOW BACK TO ME: I enjoy simple things, playing video games, reading a good book or manga, watching a huge variety of TV shows and anime depending on my mood, cleaning and cooking because I'm a house wife in training, and more than ANYTHING I am infatuated with everything that is cute. No, not that bs 'kawaii' genre that's out now, unless those things are cute and not just brightly colored and stupid and stamped with an emote to try and fit in; actually cute. Bunnies and sparkles and pink and baby blue and cupcakes and sprinkles and ponies and princesses! Pigrails, I love pigtails! I am completely in love with the Lolita style of fashion. YES. FASHION. I have a group dedicated to it on Second Life that I also blog for. FASHION. Did I mention FASHION?

(Dress from Violent Seduction. A beautiful gothic lolita skirt with an under-bust corset paired with a blouse from Honey Kitty)

I am in no way, shape, or form a little girl. I like to be REAL sized, on second life. I don't understand you six and seven foot tall women who think that's normal. My avatar is short, yes, but she is in NO WAY a child. She also has QUITE the curvy figure, which children do not have. It's not often, but sometimes I dress in things other than Lolita that show it off. I like to be silly.

(Pants from Pinku Pantsu, a gift from v-day. Top from Deviance. Accessories from a bunch of random places. My lolsie charlie's angel look. :D!)

PLEASE. Feel free to hate on me, I'll laugh at you while you do. Call me a child all you want, you'll be incorrect. I'm an adult who isn't restrained by the confines of society and brain washed into thinking that at a certain age pink is for kids and I need to start liking mauve. Eff that. PIIIINK. <3

(Dress and shoes from Kawaii Couture. Shorter than I usually like for my skirts, but the coloring and silky look of the textures were irresistible to me! Bet you thought a pink outfit would follow! xP)

I'm pretty vain on SL, I won't lie. I come off as a lot MORE vain than I really am, because I think it's funny. I'm what my friends and I call a lol connesiur. I do anything for the lols, most of the time. I laugh at anyone's expense, even my own. Laughing is the goodness in the world, as far as I'm concerned, and anything that can be laughed at in any way, shape, or form, should be. So laugh at me if you want. :]{]]) <3!

I really don't like talking about myself, so I probably forgot a whole lot but I tried to cover it all. In the end though, this isn't about ME as much as it is my fashion sense. D; I'll be reviewing stores and events and what not as I blog for them.

Look forward to seeing you soon~

(Dress from Ambrosia and shoes from Katat0nik. Cute and daring all in one! O:)