Friday, March 29, 2019

A last few tidbits...

Before I close this bloggo down! No Credits for the next few pictures outside of what I remember because I deleted my credits format!

...and all the outfits!!

Don't worry, I'm not leaving for good. I have a blog I work on with my beloved and I'm focused more on that one so I wanted to give this one an official goodbye (I don't use that flickr anymore anyway)

Anyway here's a mash up of a few pictures I had for you that I wanted to post before leaving. <3 None of these will make it to flickr.

1. Neon Lights.

This is a gorgrous set by Cubic Cherry I rocked with a hair by Doe.

2. Got ya!

This is a sexy set from Cubic Cherry with accessories and all!! Arms also by Cubic Cherry. Hair by Exile.

3. Mahou

Features an adorable head from Black Bantam, a pose from Fox City, and hair from Ayashi

4.Casual AF

Features a group gift ftom Truth, a top from scandalize, and a skirt from Blah! :D

5. Goodbyes

Featuring caboodle, Black Bantam, and Flite/Reign for the pipe! :D

6. New Beginnings

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

My Nights~

I love my nights, they're always eventful and filled with the person I like to spend the most time with. I honestly can't remember much of what I'm wearing, but I wanted to peek in and say hallo!~ <3 I see you!

I hope everyone is well, details I remember below~

Body Stuffs;

Freya by Belleza
Baby by GENUS
Peachy in Lavi & Green by S0ng
Hair is a group gift by Truth

Clothing Stuffs;
Some gorgeous dress, Breanna?, by Blueberry

Null Earrings by Cubic Cherry
Isode necklace in black by Random Matter