Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Getting jobs you don't want to do is pretty much like.. the worst thing ever. A lot better when you're being paid to do the work, but pretty much still sucky. Cleaning the house is one of those. I enjoy cleaning and all but ugh when I dun feel well things just start piling up and then I don't wanna clean at all~

I have the same problem in second life, except minus feeling well and plus GACHAS.

December ends, arcade endss. BOOHOOBOOHOOOO! I still haven't finished cleaning my inventory from it, but I started! In doing so, I found out that I MADE A HUGE MESS!

XDD A lot of the items shown are prizes from the arcade. All furniture in the room (Bed, dresser, mirror, cabinet, wall laps, ect.) are from Olive and are one of the machines at the Arcade. I wanted the bed SO BAD and ended up playing a bunch just to get it. I DIIID! I didn't get the whole set, but I put out everything I did get to show you! It's a wonderful bedroom, in my opinion. SO. PRETTY. Not everything shown is from the arcade, and I'm not feeling well so I'm not going to be listing the items individually. I can say that the crown on the mirror is the arcade, the fox plush over the mirror is the arcade, the animal clutches on the vanity are from the arcade, the puppy glasses, heart purse, and the cuddle water bottles are all from the arcade... and the food gun on the dresser is from the arcade. Have specific questions on what something is and where it's from? Shoot me an in worlder! Chobii Resident. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon. X3

I found some of this while cleaning my inventory too! This top is something I've worn when I made idly gonna clean the house looks and would idle cleaning a kitchen or something. It's super cute, I love it! Pink socks and leggings are at the FROST fair. Leggings from Chus! And socks from Reign. Socks are toeless and come for flat, med, and high feet! Chus tights are on a tattoo layer~ HAIR is also from the arcade and COMES with the adorable hair clips! Snow Baby is a collab between Birdy and Alchmey. I about D I E D when I saw it. Seriously. It was an ordeal! Lovebug had to open chests for an hour just to phoenix down me! Following a sign I saw at the Birdy main store I found my adorable little baby dragon. I got the ICE elemental because ice is my favorite and the most beautiful in my opinion~ This baby comes in all elements and the snow baby has not only a cuddle version but an avatar version too. YOU CAN BE A SNOW BABY! Also at we<3rp (which is where the baby dragon is!) are some Christmas gifts! I got this tattoo that says, “There is no fate but what we make” on it from there. I really like it because it's what I believe in a lot. I know randomness can happen and all but I feel that our actions always cause things to happen even if it's way down the line and SEEMS random. Why I never do anything without thinking about it a lot first. Or freaking if I feel I'm being forced into something. XD! ALSO ON ME ARE THE NEW FANTASY ELF EARS BY MANDALA. I'm supwer excited about these in case you can't tell! XD

Miss the arcade goodies? Never fear! The 1st starts OH MY GACHA's next round!!! Lots more machines to steal your money and give you goodies..
..and a lot more for me to clean.. @__@!

Enough rambling, hmhmhm?


Body Stuffs;

Cho Hair (IT'S FOR ME!) in Dark Brown by Tableau Vivant !!Arcade Gacha!!!
(Comes with all hair clippies!)
Fantasy Elf Ears in Short by Mandala
(Comes with all earrings & dust!)

Clothing Stuffs;
::Tank 1::
I love me tank by SS
::Tank 2::
Lollia tank top in Pink Buds by Mon Tissu
Leveled skirt by Helm
Constellation Tights by Chus!
Cozies for Flat Feet in Pink by Reign
My Piggy Slippers in Aqua by Blah

Extras && Accessories;
::Face Stickers::
Make up set 3: Rhine Stone Hearts Teal by The Sugar Garden !!Group Gift!!!
::Lip gloss 1::
Shimmer Lip Gloss in Peach by Pink Acid
::Lip Gloss 2::
Lip Gloss Highlights 3D by Izzie's
::Neck tattoo::
There is no face in colored stars by HS !!Gift @ We<3RP!!!
::Necklace & Ring::
Rock Candy Neclace & Ring by SBJ
Twinkle Twinkle 1, 2, and 11 Bracialet by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
Ring of Unity in Silver/cyan by O.M.E.N
::Necklace 2::
Dino Necklace in Pink by Goth1c0 !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 3::
Necklace Shake in Strawberry by Love Soul !!Gacha!!!
::Buddy 1::
Baby Dragon in Ice by Alchemy
::Buddy 2::
Abominable Snow Baby in Mint by Alchemy

Slink flat feet worn and Elegant hands 1

Appliers on Nails are a new release by Witches & Rats at SL Fashion Week.

Enjoy your night loves. I'ma learn to play magic! O:

And aaahhh... someone wanna.. clean my room/inventory? XD! <3

Monday, December 30, 2013



I don't really know much about gangsters, to be honest, and I'm sure that's apparent but for some reason pin stripes always make me think of them. Here's a beauty I put together a bit ago. I got up at 5am so I am super sleepy and super cranky, so I went with a look I'd made before and forgot to blog. Still love it man~

When I made it I was going to talk about fads in fashion. I don't follow many fashions closely, even Lolita which I adore so friggin' much. In every fashion there are trends people like and dislike. Cage skirts hit lolita and while they're not a favorite of mine, it happened and man did Iki pull the cage look off well with this dress, awesomely name Criminal.

Gonna keep it short. Wanna beds. <3 Hope you had a good weekend. Remember The Holiday sweets and treats fair ends tomorrow so get over there! The fourth round of Bubblegum Alley started today. It runs until the 12th so head over that way too! There are a lot of adorable goodies for the little ones and SUPER CUTE Elephant Lamps there which I will be showing you guys later this week. <3 Nightnight!


Body Stuffs;

Dawson in Coffee by Truth

Clothing Stuffs;

Crominal in Purple by Violent Seduction
The Lolita Blouse in Black by Violent Seduction
Leggings in Black by AD
Witchin' Leggings by Bohobebop
Lace-up boot Gina in Purple by G Field

Extras && Accessories;

::Hair bows & Extra Bows on outfit::
Criminal Mesh Bow in Purple by Violent Seduction
::Crown & Scepter::
Regal Accessory set in Silver/Purple by Violent Seduction
::Earrings & Necklace::
True necklace in Platnium by L&B
::Necklace 2::
Pendent Volute Heart by Juditta Jewelery
::Ring 1::
Trebel ring by Bubbles Design
::Ring 2::
Cross ring with no studs by Room Of Amo
::Ring 3::
Handcuff ring by Bubbles Design

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blue Blood Nerea and YOU have stolen my heart!!!

Aww you guys shouldn't have!

No really! I wasn't expecting a present back! I mean, I know it's the holidays and all butbut... ;A; We hardly know each other! My blog is a baby blog, and I am very thankful
 for every sponsor that wants to give me a chance as well as each and every person who enjoys the looks I put together and reads through the ramblings of my life.

So to log in and see that I've reached 5,000 views was -really- touching. Thank each and every one of you. MUAH MUAH MUAH!

To celebrate I saved my favorite look for the week for last and now not only did I save the best for last just to leave you a bunch to shop for but I'm totally dressed for the occasion. So where are we meeting for my 5k views party? This is a new dress from Blue Blood called Nerea. I have to say, although this is on a template and I am not a fan of those, her texturing is SO amazing. The Shades and shadows and ruffles in the textures alone make it look like a whole new dress, and it's beautiful. Party girl (lolIwish) went with pink, but it comes in other colors! Some totally geared towards the Gothy crowd. This dress is a template that is shaped to be a lolita dress (EEE<3) so with the addition of a blouse you can have an amazing gothic lolita coord really easily. I added a Violent Seduction blouse, because those are currently and might always be my favorites. The color goes perfectly with it, too. HNNGGG. <3


With me is the closest I could get to an awesome set of the Katat0nik bits at the Arcade. I really love these, however I couldn't get a whole three! Luckily for me I got two of this hair bow because I am in love with pigtaaails. Hair is a semi recent release from Exile called Stray Wishes which I think is perfect for this because I have many stray wishes that this blog is helping me accomplish, and it wouldn't be any where near coming true without all of you. <3 I have a little friend with me, as usual. This booboo talks to me when no one's around in world! It's The Foxy Bot by Geek and is an exclusive at Frost so go get it before it's goone! Arcade only has a week left loveloves! Have an awesome shopping filled weekend while I clean my house! <3333


Body Stuffs;

Stray Wishes in Dark Browns by Exile

Clothing Stuffs;

Nerea in Pink by Blue Blood !!New @ Blue Blood!!!
The Lolita Blouse in Dark Pink by Violent Seduction
Garter Socks in Black by Anymore Store
Posey Heels in Nude by Boom
(Med Slink Feet ONLY)

Extras && Accessories;

::Hair Bows & Stick::
Carousel Hair Bow and Candy Stick in Black Sugar by Katat0nik !!Arcade Gacha!!!

Winter Lipsticks in Pink by Pekka !!Now @ Frost!!!
Rhinestone Drop Earrings in Black by Glow Studio !!Arcade Gacha!!!
HP Lovecraft Necklace by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations
::Neck Bow::
Unrigged Mesh Bow from The Lolita Blouse in Cream by Violent Seduction
::Ring 1::
Mesh Star Ring in 05 by Witches & Rats !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
Mesh Passion Ring 2 by Pheobe
Darkness Girl by Just You Jewels
Heart Purse 5th Anniversary Beige by Adore and Abhor
The Foxy Bot in Pink by Geek

I thinks that's all! See you next week! <33

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Instead of just giving you a coab, I decided to throw a few extra things into this one as a christmas present! Of course, you're getting your coab as well which is made from things at FROST and the Inspiration Point Hunt! (Which is totally fun to do!)

Everything, and I mean everything on this look is either FREE or 1L. Skin, hair, eyes. EVERYTHING. This skin is a gift at Frost by Shock called Megan. It's darker than my usual skins, but hay when can a free skin be bad, hm? It comes with hands, feet, and boob appliers!!! Eyes are awesome and swirly when you get up close. They're also a Frosty gift by Adoness. Hair is from LaViere and is FREE at the Inspiration Point hunt!!! Only comes in this amazing caramel color but it totally worth adding to anyone's hair collecting. It's both simplistic and cute, but can be used for looks anywhere from casual to formal. Love it!

Along with the COAB I'm showing you off Sora by Pink Fuel. It's a skin she's working on that she's released in the peach tone in a flush version for winter. This gorgrous skin has all the awesome highlights and details that all of her skins have an is available in her main store for only 75L. That's cheap for a skin, and it is -beautiful- so get on over there! I'm so excited to see the full release of this. I saw on Flickr somewhere that people were trashy talkin' the PF skins saying they all looked alike and I have to say after putting on Sora I couldn't disagree more. I haven't changed my shape AT ALL and the difference in it due to the skin had me in awe. Clearly it's not going to look too much like a completely different person, as I'm the one who made the shape and it hasn't changed from my normal shape but hng. I love seeing the updates from Elly to now. Especially in the lips. * o * This is without any lip gloss or extra make up on either skin! The Ploom hair here shown with the skin and the rest of the pictures is one of their 12 days of Christmas hair styles. Each is on sale for 100L for naturals and 125 for fun colors. Go shopping before the month is over because there are amazing goodies out there!!!

As if that's not enough awesomeness for you, I've compiled pictures of all the gifts from the Inspiration Point Hunt (That I haven't already used in blog posts because I used some earlier this week in my Royal Love post and some in this coab) for you all to oogle over. The hunt runs until the 31st so you still have some time to get in and have a blast! They give you a map with each present marked on it, so it's not only fun but a lot easier than just being dropped somewhere with no hints!.. or even with hints, because sometimes they can be soo misleading! XDD


Body Stuffs;
Megan Winter Skin with Brown Brows by Shock !!Gift @ FROST!!!
Swirls in My Eyes in Emerald by Adoness!!Gift @ FROST!!!
Ella in Soft Caramel by LaViere !!Inspiration Point Hunt!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Mesh Silk Top in Golden by House Of Fox !!Inspiration Point Hunt!!!
Basic Shirt Melinda in Just Dark by Rhara
Rise Skinny Jeans in Chocolate by The Secret Store !!Inspiration Point Hunt!!!
Louisiana Wester Boots in Black by PiCHi !!Gift @ FROST!!!

Extras && Accessories;

::Earrings & Necklace 1::
Portland Daisy set by Citrus !!Gift @ FROST!!!
::Necklace 2::
Christmas Wish Necklace by CoLL !!Gift @ FROST!!!
Rainbow Pompom Scarf by Tee*fy !!Inspiration Point Hunt!!!
Giraffe Bangle by TS

Nails are from Intrepid in a gift @ Frost

And there, my loves, is your coab! See ya tomorrow for an awesome look I'm totally excited about!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday fun of past.. present... and... future.. maybe?


That's how that goes, right? ANYWAY My little fluffball friend Holly here and I have come to spread some holiday magic to all of you. … or sprinkle you with crack, haven't figured out what's in this bag yet.

Most of my memorable Christmases have been in my adulthood since my childhood was crap. I have like two good memories of Christmas as a kid and one involved getting a bed after being homeless and sleeping on floors and in cars for two years and the other involved FINAL FANTASY 10 PART 2 WHEN IT CAME OUT. Most I remember from that is whining because they made me wait until Christmas even though it came out way before that. WAH. This year I got a couch, the best company a girl could ask for, and lovebug preordered final fantasy 13-3 for me because they finally announced the collector's edition. I've been holding off on preorder because I KNEW they were going to do this!!!!

ON TO OUTFIT GOODS, HM? I've loved the antlers since I saw them! I titled the post how I did because the main components of the outfit are group gifts. One is from Katat0nik from last year, and another is from Honey Kitty from before but it's still out and available. I'm not sure if Kat's is or not, haven't looked around her store lately since I bought it out sometime ago and just go to check on the new things now. XD These awesome leg warmers are from G Field who just put out their group gift that I, sadly, still haven't checked on. :x Shoes are from Blah and are for the Slink HIGH feet only. I really like the simple and alluring look to them. A special blue color of them can be found exclusively at FROST which is where these bad boys are also displayed. Face make-up if a gift from CHUS! At FROST as well. Since I'm not very able to give you all gifts aside from my weekly coabs and awesome outfits to look at, I took my picture near one of the gift trees at FROST!!! FROSTFROSTFROST I know, I know, but with the goodies ending soon you really should get around loves!

Body Stuffs;
Alhea in Light Browns by Truth
Human Teeth/Sexy by Shine

Clothing Stuffs;

Snow Doll Outfit in Red by Katat0nik !!Group Gift!!!
Dot Skirt in Red by Honey Kitty !!Freebie!!!
Garter Socks in Black by Anymore Store
My Charming Pumps in Red by Blah

Extras && Accessories;
Antmers in Christmas Snow by TBF
::Hair Bow::
Carousel Hair Bow in Rose Red Unicorn by Katat0nik !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Rudolf by Chus !!FROST GIFT!!!
Windburn Full Face no shadow faded by Chary !!Now @ Frost!!!
Star Christmas Earrings in Green {R} and Red {L} by FG
::Necklace 1::
Star Christmas Necklace in Green by FG
::Necklace 2, bracelets, and ring::
Holiday Set 2012 Necklace, bracelets, and ring by CPD
Christmas Helper Backpack Lights from Sexy Elf by Crazy Kitty
::Leg Warmers::
Leg Warmers for Heels in Off White by G Field
::Chobii's Helper::
Purrty Kitteh Holly by YumYums !!Arcade @ Frost!!!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Talkin' Fancy!


It's finally that magical night so many of you have been waiting for, ne? When Santa creeps into your house while you're alseep and sprinkles goodies all over the place, eats your food and disappears without saying anything? Sounds more like any friend I've had in Philly. Except goodies would be things they'd forget and I'd need to clean up. XD I'm not usually ever a huge Christmas person. I much much much prefer birthdays. I feel more special on a birthday, so maybe that's why. I've put together a fancy little number for yous today for anyone wanting to look super suave at a Christmas party. This dress is from the Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair, and I love the flair to the dress as well as the orchid I'm hiding with my foxy friend. I took a picture for you guys though! O:

These shoes are to diiie for. I wanted to do an awesome Christmas look for everyone but I spent way too much L this month and didn't wanna get more. XDD I grabbed these in three colors (One for my christmas look and two because HNG) and I looved the white with this outfit. I just imagine the amazing jingle sound I'd get every time I... omg I wonder if they jingle I have no sound on. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME? Either way these can be found at F R O S T. Don't forget to stop BUY (LOL) for all the awesome pressies as well! Remember they work with the MID Slink feet only!!!

I'll stop with the Holiday Sweets and treats fair soon, maybe, but seriously there's a bunch of cute things there so give it a good look!

The Goods;

Body Stuffs;
Fernanda in Brown by Truth !!Group Gift!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Retro Christmas Orchid Halter Dress by BBSA !!Now @ Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair!!!
Jingle Heels in White by The Sugar Garden !!Now @ Frost!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Storybook Royalty: Crown of Spades by Schadenfreude !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Foxy Neck Snuggler in Storm Ombre by Birdy !!Arcade Gacha!!!
(By the way they have ADORABLE baby snow monsters out. Hng! <3)
::Earrings, necklace, and ring 1::
Anua by Kosh !!Now @ Frost!!!
::Ring 2::
Mr. Yin Ring by Kosh !!Frost Exclusive!!!
Antique Choker in Red by Theater Chain !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 2::
Pearly Heart Necklace Special Edition by Fappy Gear !!Gift @ Frost!!!


Anyway update on me? Meds kill kicking my bumbum can't ever tell what kind of a day I'm going to have. Just woke up from a nap that was necessary! Gonna try to shower without dying and get back in bed. YAAAY CHRISTMAS EVE LOL. Enjoy your night loves!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Royal Love

I have to say, I really admire carolers. I know I know, wtf the annoyance and blah blah. It takes a lot to go out and walk around in the snow (Where it snows) and stomach doing something that can be embarrassing in front of multiple complete strangers, at least in my opinion. Having the.. drive.. to do that, holiday spirit or not, is really admirable to me. This look is inspired by that, with a gorgeous dress by Violent Seduction called Royal Star. My only caroling buddy with me today is this cute little fat bird (Have you heard about my fat bird obsession yet? It's about up there with cows xD) by Silent Sparrow since I'm late to the royal star party.. but hay, when am I not late? XD

I loveloveloveloveLOVE the texture on this dress. I was going to do green because it's lovebug's favorite color, but I noticed like everyone was doing green because of Christmas. (Or at least the few I saw were all like green...) so I decided to go blue. I really love the color, and so did Peppperpants. XDD Not only that but surprise surprise my family is Jewish so I thought it would be cute to honor those effers a little since Blue is the Jewmas color.

My meds are REALLY kicking my bumbum today. I thought it'd be a week until I was normal, but I guess not. Now we're looking at two maybe... I'm calling the guy tomorrow because I can't function like this. Luckily I have an awesome lovebug by my side that is both supportive and understanding. Treasure those in your life that can be those two because it's really important. He's understanding enough to know even then I throw my tantrums that most of the time they're caused by illogical feelings and can acknowledge that he hurt me. I've learned in the past few days that my biggest problem in letting go is that no one ever wants to acknowledge that they hurt me, so it leaves me sour and vengeful about things because I feel like no one sees me as a person, just as a tool to be used.  This medicine is kicking my butbut, but it's really helping me think... which may be the track to getting me back outside. Maybe I can go caroling one day, hm? ^__^ Right now I'm a broken person, and lovebug's really caring for me. We got our awesome new couch which I'm going to laze on the rest of the day... or at least until I feel better. Coffee isn't even helping. Psh if this is what I'm supposed to feel like on this, I want off. My moods will be stable for sure if I can never get out of zombie mode. XD At times like this I'm very thankful for my supportive and understanding other half, because I am literally unable to function. He's so good to me. <33

The goods, before I literlaly pass out on you... which I almost just did. XD!

Mika II Frosted in Brown by Alice Project !!Gift in Store!!!

::Dress, Socks, Hat, & Blouse::
Royal Star in Blue by Violent Seduction !!New @ Reduced Price for Christmas @ Gothmas!!!

Lace up Boots Gina in Camel by G Field

::Hair Bows::
8bit Hair Bow in Blueberry by Tea.S !!Gacha!!!

Faux Fur Collar by The Secret Store !!!Hunt @ Inspiration Point!!!

Unisex Scarf in Chocolate by Tee*Fy !! Hunt @ Inspiration Point!!!

Suede Muff by The Secret Store !!Hunt @ Inspiration Point!!!

Truth Own Necklace in Chocolate by MG !!Arcade Gacha!!!

Here we come a-caroling antlerts by La Petite Morte !!Gacha!!!

Antique Choker in Blue by Theater Chain !!Gacha!!!
(I'm -really- looking for the rare of this, if anyone's willing to sell it! O: <3)

Bird-ee Sky Elemen-tailsin Elysian by Silent Sparrow !!Arcade Gacha!!!

Snowflake Earrings by Adoness !!Last year Christmas gifties!!!

Branch Wreath by Trompe Loeli !!Arcade Gacha!!!

I think that's all. Night night! <333

Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's my perfect... what?

I know, I know. It's the weekend, I have a lovebug to attend to. He's totally obsessed with this zombie alien pirate game or something on steam and I can hardly get a cuddle out of him. He'll have beaten it and be bored of it in a few days. Shrugshrug. He's agreed to cuddle me in a few, but because I was on I ran into a couple hunts I felt I just had to share with you!

Know how some days can just feel like the perfect day ever? And you have everything you feel you could need. Some good tunes, cute plushies to cuddle, loved ones near so on and so on~ Usually there's always something to ruin in, and in move of our female cases it's monthly time.

Witches & Rats entered a hunt with the theme bloody christmas.. and the item she made for it had me cracking up. I don't think many people could have done better. What way to spend a christmas other than waking up to realizing you've ruined your favorite panties, sheets, and blankets? Plus the cramps and stuff, I'd be a grump grinch that's for sure!

Warning, bloody panties worn below. Not for those looking for serious cuteness!!!

These other goodies are from the hunt at Inspiration Point which I totally suggest doing. There is some cuuute stuff there! You'll see more from it later during coooaaabb. <333 For now, if you wanna get some silly things, here's where to do it! F Y I This post is such a quickie even my PICTURES are in low graphics! But I learned some good stuff about PF appliers that I didn't know because I didn't read like a derp. I got the curvy one and now my av has an ADORABLE BELLY HAAAH <3

The goods;
Kannibal in Light Browns by Raw House

Charming Dotty by Pink Sugar

Leaky Christmas by Witches & Rats

Bloody Tampon OOPS! By Mad Echo
(I love the silly things some people make! Though it probably helps that I have an off sense of humor. XD!)

Slink Fat feet and elegant 1 hands on with appliers from Elephant Poses which are a gift at FROST

Lil' Deer and toy tv in the display picture are both from the hunt at inspiration point by The Secret Store, so go go go! <3

Lots of talking && love for friends and more~

I've really taken light to this whole... generalizing thing that I do lately due to some incidents in my life. I say everyone as a whole is bad, due to some bad individuals I allowed to invade my space. Luckily I have an amazing lovebug and great friends here to back me up and not only remind me when I'm doing things that are negative and not progressive to my mental health and wellbeing, but to show me that the believe that I don't hate everyone, I just hate certain individuals can still ring true. Tonight I'm showing off a dress by Katat0nik which makes me super happy just by looking at it. It's not lolita, but it's comfortable and modest still... with a sense of innocence and adorableness that I don't believe could have been captured better. I feel like what's shown in this dress is part of what I love about the friends I remain closest with.

I've had some bad run ins with everyone I've known, and while things come to be not how I expect or want sometimes, lovebug has taught me to accept things as they are. The people I keep around are the ones I can tell my feelings to and have them do the same. Accept them as they are and not try to fight for who is and isn't right. In the end, right doesn't matter when it comes to people's thoughts and feelings. If something is there it's because something else brought it to life. These people can take and understand that and give more thought to whether or not they feel they, or I, need to apologize without jeapordizing the entire friendship and repeatedly defending themselves through snide comments until a fight breaks out. I've had a LOT of the other kind of people in my life living in Philadelphia most of my life where it's common to use the idea of 'brotherly love' and stab your brother in the back if it can get you somewhere in life.

It was so common that I not only accepted and welcomed these kinds of people in to my life but sought them out as they were who I was comfortable with. Since April I have moved away from there and have been learning a lot about myself and what I do and don't like that people do. I'm what my therapist likes to call logic sick, so she's spent some time with me working on just liking or disliking things. Not, “I don't like this because blahblah logic how it is terrible and awful and against common sense and shouldn't exist at all” Just, “I don't like it because it makes me feel bad” feelings are another thing I'm very not used to... which is why I try to encapture things that make me feel good on my blog just because they.. make me feel good. With no reasons other than that.

This scene is one of those. I've always loved the idea of baking holiday cookies and getting down and dirty and covered in flour and having a blast and laughing in a small homey kitchen with close friends or family. It's never been something I could live. Closest was when I'd bake cookies with my aunt sometimes in the year or two I lived with her. Happiest years of my life, even still, because I was normal for once. In FL away from the bad influence of Philly. Working and making friends and following the things I loved heavily. LIKE COWS. Why I filled it with Half Deer's Yaks. <3

These details are another. People can slap textures on to premade mesh dresses all day and while some may do a damn good job of it, nothing can take my breath away more than seeing the hard work put into not only completely meshing a dress but also creating a texture just for it. One that has the perfect look of a knitted sweater with to die for little polar bears in them. Hng. <3 I may like a lot of work from a lot of designers, but in the lolita world there is no one I respect more than Pepper and Kat because their stuff is all original mesh and textures. (Some people even take textures off the internet. :/ You people should seriously do some research and see what you're paying for!)

People like my Aubsie, who I got a little pouty and standoffish about after her visit because I felt she was ashamed of me only to realize it was her own discomfort of having met someone from the internet irl (something I do often) that left the impressions I took as something else. Came back as just who they were before they left even despite me becoming standoffish until our friendship was where it was because of all things, her strongest point is understanding unbiasedly. Which is funny because she's spoiled rotten, so being able to see things from my poor and horrid part of life is rare.
People like my Lilis who is the sunshine on my raniest day and comes through with life and world experience as well as logic and inside understanding from a pshycological standpoint because we've gone through and react to things in similar ways. Doesn't matter how down I am, a few minutes of her skittering across my screen in her cute Aos and talking me through things can help turn my frown upside down. She's as beautiful inwardly and outwardly irl as she is on SL and I am super lucky to have her brought in to my life randomly by a lolita not lolita fair that I was hating on. We give as much as we take from each other, and it's something I love more than anything else. Never are we left playing tug-o-war and trying to get more rope or more of the friendship on one side than the other. If we need a day to pout and throw toys, we have it. If we need support, we have it. I fluffs my Lilis. <3
Peoples like my Caxy who despite not having a lot of time makes me feel like the time he spends with me is one of the best parts of his day. Someone who never once hit on me (Thankfully but he is gay so maybe it's because I lack the peen? XD) or tried to get weird or sexual on SL even though he's a male and that's super rare. Most of my other male friends make things suuuper awkward sometiiimes. He's fun and funny and enjoys my sense of humor and being around me no matter how crazy I am. Be it up or down. If I'm hyper he's there to rile me up. If I'm down he's there to listen to me rant... and even after I rant there is never permanent judgement passed on the things I rant about. Say I tell him lovebug's a big meanie? And then the next day say I was just huffy and lovebug didn't do anything, even if I SWEAR he's a big meanie, Caxy just sees him as lovebug and not as whatever monster I painted of him while huffy. I, of course, give him the same when he needs it, and try to help through logical understanding (Lol logic sick ne?) as well as emotional understanding.. but I fail at emotionnnnnss! All in all we have a tons of fun together and spend nearly every day together without getting sick of each other or having any fights at all~

What I love about all them, and the others that I keep in my life and close to me now, is that they know how to be all about themselves in the ways needed to be to progress with their own lives without being harmful to others. I attract people who are harmful, and I'm learning every day not to. Thanks guys, and everyone else out there who has learned how to be all about you enough to take care of you without harming others; be it financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, or a mix of the group. Being strong is really something to look up to. Thank everyone for their strength around me as I find my own. <3

I'm really making you read for it today, hm? XP



Body Stuffs;

Swirly in Darks Pack by Rosy Mood !!New @ RMK Frost Fair!!!

Clothing Stuff;
Cozy Knit Jumper in Blush by Katat0nik !!Now @ C88!!!
Cosy Boots in Blush by Katat0nik !!Now @ C88!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Bearmuffs in creamsicle by Noodles !!Now @ C88!!!
::Earrings & Necklace::
Let it Snow by Cae !!Now @ Bubblegum Alley!!!
Frost Lipstick 2 by C h a r y !!Now @ F R O S T!!!

Elegant 1 Hands by Slink worn with appliers by Intrepid which are a gift at F R O S T

House Stuff;

6 – Pale Winter Candy Canes by Lark !!Now @ Garden. Gacha!!!
Stuffed Stocking in Red Plaid RARE by BA !!Now @ Garden. Gacha!!!
Love Sign by Alouette !!Now @ Garden. Gacha!!!
Cute Harajuku Christmas tree by Harajuku Girls
Marmalade Christmas baking set and snacks set all items !!Now @ Holiday Sweets & Treats fair!!!
Winter Yak in Special Delivery, Brown, Cozy, and Angelic by Half Deer. !! Now @ Garden. Gacha!!!
Candy Cane Lights by CT !!Now @ Arcade. Gacha!!!
Candy Jar in Grape tall, spearment sticks, strawberry sticks, and spilled sticks by LJ. !!Now @ Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair. Gacha!!!
Ready to bake Cookie Tins, Spices & Flavorings, measures, and baking pans by Second Spaces !!Now @ Arcade. Gacha!!!
Wisk (set in Yak's mouth), wooden spoons, and bowl of flour by Pixel Mode !!Now @ Arcade. Gacha!!!
Christmas cookies & Christmas pudding by Apple Falls !!Gacha!!!
Hot Chocolate Marshmellows, Hot Chocolate Vanilla, Hot chocolate Cream, Milk Jug, and waffle Rolls by Erratic !!Now @ Arcade. Gacha!!!
Cookie Jars in blue, scale in black, and bakeware by Tes Blah !!Now @ Arcade. Gacha!!!
Aphrodite Blender by Marina Ramer
Cutting Board by Black Rose
Laurel Cottage Mixing Bowl and Pastry by What Next

&& I think that's all. I had a lot to say about the goodies, but I made you read enough, hm? I'm two hours late butbut.. it still got done.. tonight? XP <3 See you all on Monday!

In case you need a ride. D; <3

Friday, December 20, 2013

Coab 17 Frost 1

(I still can't believe I'm up to 17 coabs, btw. Thank all of you for your views, I wouldn't have kept going with them with such enthuasim if it weren't for all of you. :'D <3)

It's that magical time again! The weekend, the end of blog posts, and your favorite (I'm assuming) the once a week blog where I give you a COABBBBBBBBBBB. <That would probably sound like stuttering, hm? XD!!

LUCKILY FOR YOU, I not only had fun with this coab because a ton of the items are freebies/dollarbies at F R O S T but I do have another blog post planned for tonight of an outfit that I love so much I've put it off ALL WEEK because I wanted to wear it as long as I could. XD

Coab first though since the other is going to be a super fun one that I have friends involved in. Looove my friends, they make my every day so much better. (Lovebug included, of course!) and they've really helped me get through the crap my medication is putting me through. I decided to get a couch for the holidays, but that doesn't mean I'm not in the holiday spirit! I was happy to see so many designers were at F R O S T too because there are some AMAZING freebies up! So many, in fact, that I haven't even gotten to SEE them all yet! O:

I'll let you get to grabbing them, because they're are quite a few and you can actually get IN now. O:

The Goods;

Body Stuff;
Lilou (With Bow) ROA Group Gift
!!ROA's group is a pay to get in group, but the amount isn't much and they do monthly group gifts so I think it is VERY worth it. Hair, hat, and bow on the hat all come with this one. <3!!!

Clothing Stuffs;

Sungaree & Sweater by La Petite Fleur
!!Freebie at RMK'S Frost Fair. Different from F R O S T!!!
Shine Blue Jeans by Toxic*H
!!Dollarbie @ F R O S T!!!
Ladies Black Boots by MW Boa

Extras && Accessorie;

Sparkle Element Snowflake Horns in White by Epic
Cashmere Scarf by PL
Snow Fantasy Globe Ring by Diamante
Candy Star in Sparkle by GFD
Mouth Candy Cane by Grumble

Elegant hands work with appliers from Intrepid which are a dollarbie at F R O S T

I think that's all lovies! Stay warm!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


So this was supposed to be yesterday's outfit, since I'm a day behind. XD I thought I made the greatest thing since Lolita, COMFLITA. Since it looks so amazing and comfortable. Talking to my Pepperpants though, I learned it's Fairy Keiish more than it's Lolitaish. BOO. I STILL LOVE IT.

I also threw out all my toys, since I've been throwing so many tantrums irl lately. I figured I should show everyone what I'm throwing at them. >:D This ADORABLE BED, that has such cute animations on it, the rocker, the moon mirror, and the holiday sign (Which blinks in a bunch of colors I'm just awesome so I caught it on the one that matched on my first try. Ok, so lucky.. not awesome. XD!) are all from this round of Bubblegum Alley. This is a two week event with cuuute things for adults and little ones alike. So get over there for your little ones, especially with it being Holiday time!! Everyone deserves a cute room full of toys to feel at home in!

I went muuch too nuts at the arcade, and ended up with these sweaters that I had NO idea what I'd do with. I wanted to do a lolita look, but I wanted to use a big comfortable sweater since they've been what I'm wearing irl a lot now. 8D Learned that I can wear it like this without calling it lolita since it's still cute. YOU KNOW MY PLANS NOW. OH NOOO~ Cutie pixel crown and candy jawnie are from Kawaii. Lovebug always calls himself the Candy King. SO I'M THE CANDY QUEENIE NOW? Maybe not, since we're not married... yet.. >:D

Shoptilyaheartsdropne? I'm scrubbing the house today. My awesome new Couch comes in on the 23rd. I gotta get the livingroom ready. I know what you're thinking, I've been moved in 19 days what do you mean I'm not unpacked? Lovebug REALLY hurt his back moving, we've been to the doctors and all because of it. He's getting surgery soon for his rear, which we totally haven't worked out because we need a driver and everyone at work hates him. The 3rd is going to suuuck. <....3 and they doubled my medication so I'm a hot mess tripping over myself and dropping everything. XD It's actually really fun, but keeps me from being productive at -all.- Sooo now I'm in rush mode because I found out coffee somehow fights the derpiness. HORAY COFFEE. <3333 WISH ME LUCK? Don't worry, I'll still be bugging you guys here. >:D <3


Body Stuuf;
Hair 138 in Mocha by Love Soul

Clothing Stuff;
Snuggle Sweater in Bubblegum by Fashionably Dead !!Arcade Gacha!!!
The Lolita Blouse in Sax by Violent Seduction
Stripe Scallop Skirt in Cheshire by Honey Kitty
Dot tights in Pink and Blue by Honey Kitty
Lace-up Boots in Candy by Honey Kitty

Extras && Accessories;
Hair bows included with hair. :]
::Pixel crown & Scepter::
Candy Princess Crown and Candy Cane Princess Scepter in Pink by Kawaii !!Gacha @ Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair!!!
::Neck bow::
The Lolita Blouse Unrigged Mesh Bow in Light Purple by Violent Seduction
The Scouts Heart Pendent in Mercury & Silver by Olive
Bunny Plushie Stole in Pink by Katat0nik
Milana's Mushroom Earrings in Pink By Atooly
::Ring 1::
Ring 005 Piano SP by A:B
::Ring 2::
Frostflower Ring by .:C:.

House Stuffs;
Miamai TCS Snowglobe in Black Foxy !!Now @ Arcade!!
Egg Nog Doll in Blue by Katat0nik
TOD Plushie in Cloud by Birdy !!Gacha!!!
Cuddle Bunny in Green by Buglets !!Gacha!!!
Friendship Antelope in Purple by BSD Design Studio !!Gacha!!!
Winter Yak in Angelic by Half Deer !!Now @ Garden!!!
Octo in Pink by LK !!Gacha!!!
Tea Bag Plushie in Pink by Kawaii Couture
Corgi in Bacon by Silent Sparrow !!Gacha!!!
Purrrty Kitteh in Gizmo by Yumyums !!Now @ Frost. Gacha!!!
Ox by Pink Fuel
Cute Romantic Cow (Found on MP Ages ago)
Ghost Plushie in Special Pink by Bebe Buttons
Artic Friends Snowshoe Hare Avatar in crème !!Now @ RMK Frost. Gacha!!!
Pwnie floppy in Lucca by Silent Sparrow !!Gacha!!!
Chibi Baby Bear in Pink by Razzberry !!Gacha!!!
Aeries Sheepie in Cupcake by A&A
Moomoo in a tutu by eNVee
Chibi cat in hazel by Schadenfreude
Cotton Candy Llama mini in Mint by Birdy
Sugar Plum Fairy Dalmation Avatar in Chocolate by Tama !!Now @ Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair. Gacha!!!
Joy Tree Lights sculpture blinking by Unrepentant !!Now @ Bubblegum Alley!!!
Moon Mirror in Ash by Ampersand Photography !!Now @ Bubblegum Alley!!!
Snowflake Canopy Bed by Noble !!Now @ Bubblegum Alley!!!
Yuletide Rocking Chair by Unrepentant !!Now @ Bubblegum Alley!!!

I think that's all. O3o <3