Wednesday, April 1, 2015

One day~

I'm slowly getting better! :D I napped a loong time so I feel really good. The air in the whole house is different now that the temporary guests are gone and it's back to just lovebug and I. Everything feels nice and serene, so I made a scene to go with how I'm feeling. I fell in love with this stuff from 8f8 and lucky for me Iokko had a ton of doubles! So I got a pretty pond! ^__^ With Origami coming to a close at the end of the week I thought it was perfect time to remind you all to GET OVER THERE IF YOU HAVE NOT!!! I'm sporting one of Melon Bunny's Kimonos, which have special exclusive event colors available right now at Origami! Make sure you snatch them up, they're gorgeous! The little goldfish by Ohmai! Reminded me of how I used to think Koi fish were just giant goldfish. Ahh~ Childhood thoughts. <3


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Fynn in Light Browns by Truth !!Newish Release!!!
Aura Eyes in Forrest by Buzzeri
Babydoll in Deluxe by The Shops
Female Body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project

Clothing Stuffs;
Kimono and Obi by Melon Bunny !!Exlusives available @ Origami!!!

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Goods::
Annette Headpiece in Opera A by World's End Garden
Tumami*Sakura Sakura Corsage by Tomoto !!New @ Origami!!
Bloopie goldish bag in bi-sunrise by !Ohmai

Pond & Koi by 8f8 @ Sou by
Young Sakura by 8f8
Deer Planters by Half-Deer
Dust on Water, Sunbeans, and grass by Happy Mood


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