Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bringin' my love back~

A while back I made a public apology, and after a few recent Ims I've gotten I realized that I lost myself in more than one way. So ladies and gents, I'm bringin' lolita back. BOOM BOOM BOOOM DANCEY DANCEY YEAHNESS~ I'm super excited about it, and I have some fun stuff in the works for my beloved and ungodly ignored group. There is some beautifully and intricately done things on SL that get over shone by people spamming events to try and get the most views so they can blog for the most popular places. NAY I SAY~ I'mma bring you what I think is quality. Not saying I don't LOVE shopping events, because I do.. it's so fun. Q_Q So I'm promising one lolita post a week! This week it's rekindling the love I have for RMK!!! They made a Sally Dress... and it's all patchworky... the looove! As if THAT alone wasn't enough to make my day completely, Rotten Toe updated my favorite socks (and first purchase on SL that I made by myself) to work with the Slink & Maitreya mesh bodies. Some of the goodies at C88, including these wrist bands by Katat0nik & some jewels by Schadenfreude completed my co-ord because RMK had everything else covered. I almost went barefoot because I was so pleased, thinking nothing out that fit my slink feets could make me feel complete, but then I saw the new shoes by Cubic Cherry at 100 Block and was done. Donedonedone. Like I am now with talking. :*

Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Hair 8077 by Pink Hustler !!New @ SL Fashion Week!!!
Arie Eyes in Green 3 by Rabid Squirrel
Brandee by Loud Mouth
Pixie lashes in Dark Greens by Turducken ToddleeDoo
April Eyelashes by OO Yuki
Mid feet by Slink
Elegant R and Elegant 1 L by Slink
Nail Polish by Love Soul
Geometric Nails in Black
Lara v 3.0 by Maitreya
Clothing Stuffs;
::Dress & Hat::
Sally Dress by RMK
Heart Break Socks in Blue/green by Rotten Toe !!!Newly Updated!!!
Thorn Platform in Snow by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!New @ 100 Block!!!

Extras && Accessories;
::Wrist Bands::
Bow Wrist Straps in Geen & Dark by Katat0nik !!New @ C88!!!
Mutant Creature #4 Injury Pands by Dyed Peony !!New @ Xiasumi!!!
Uni Ears in Evarre by .:Soul:.
Hori Piercing in Silver by Arise !!New @ Suicide Dollz!!!
Holiday Lip Glaze in Cream Coffee by Pink Acid
Pearl Mori Earrings by Schadenfreude !!New @ C88!!!
Pearl Mori Bracelets by Schadenfreude !!New @ C88!!!
Open Mouth Pro teeth v2.0 by PXL
::Eye Tattoo::
Depa Facetattoo by Arise !!New @ Suicide Dollz!!!

Coming soon to Tanoshi!!!


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