Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Punky Cutester

Cute looks and sales really make me wanna get out my dirty stash of special music and dance around while singing. This outfit did just that for me. I am looooving the new releases by people at this round of Collabor 88. Maybe because I'm a mean 'ol punk? Hahaha. Not really, I'm just cold. <.3 Anyway my goddess of décor lovie Iokko set up another wonderful scene and joined me in this look! Credits for her will not be listed as I haven't gotten them yet, but I'm sure she'd respond if you asked for anything about the look or décor by IM. :*


Body Stuffs;

Doll V2 in Crystal by Pink Fuel !!NEWLY UPDATED FOR MAITREYA!!!
Porsha in Browns by Taketomi !!New @ Season Story!!!
Arie Eyes in Green 3 by Rabid Squirrel
Babydoll in Deluxe by The Shops
Pixie Lashes in Dark Pink by Turducken Toddleedoo
Female Body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project

Clothing Stuffs;
Bohemian Top in Black by Pixicat
Pretty in Punk Pants in Hot Pink by Ur Favorite one !!New @ C88!!!
Darci Leggings in Ripped by Belle Cherie
Helvetica Heel in Bubblegum by Remarkable Oblivion !!New @ C88!!!

Extras && Accessories;
::Wrist Straps::
Bow Wrist Straps in Black by Katat0nik !!New @ C88!!!
Punkitude Bunny Ears in Black/Sil by Half Deer !!New @ C88!!!
Mama Sugar Necklace in G2 by Maxi Gossamer !!New @ C88!!!
Chaotic Heart Collar by Lost Junction !!New @ C88!!!

Chaotic Heart Headband by Lost Junction !!New @ C88!!!


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