Friday, April 10, 2015

School Days

Xiasumi is back! I bet you're all as excited as I am! It's two builings long now and now as hard to navigate as last year. (Though I didn't have any trouble myself last year..) Iokko and I went and had a blast with our gacha loving selves! We kidnapped us an Eteo... eteo... Eteocles! I always forget how to say it.. but he's super fun! :D We went for an art class look, with cute and fun paints for the Chobmee and elegant and classy photography for the Iokkos!

So as usual with the awesomely decorated scenes I'm in, the masterful Iokkokokoko did the decorating and I have no idea what most of it is! I can, however, tell you that a LOT of it is from the Art club in Xiasumi! :D <3 I also have no idea what Eteocles is wearing as we kidnapped him pretty last minute. x3


Body Stuffs;

Chobii: Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Iokko: Doll V2 in Crystal by Pink Fuel !!Newly Updated w/ Maitreya Appliers!!!
Chobii: Hair 61 in MOCHA by Eater's Coma
Iokko: Kiki in Chapter III by Spellbound !!New release!!!
Chobii: Echo Eye Collection in 16 by The Skinnery !!New @ Chapter 4!!!
Starry Lashes by Lovely Alien
Pixie Lashes in Purple Pastel by Turducken Toddledoo !!Gacha!!
Chobii: Brandee by Loud Mouth
Iokko: Alli by Loud Mouth
Chobii: Female Body in Deluxe w/ hands & feet by The Mesh Project
Iokko: Lara by Maitreya w/ hands & feet (Or maybe slink hands & feet)

Clothing Stuffs;
::Schoolgirl Outfits::
Chobii: Real Mine: School Uniform in 06 by Offbeat !!Gacha @ Chapter 4!!!
Iokko: Summer Uniform in Grey by Moran !!Gacha @ Xiasumi!!!
Chobii: Knee Socks in White by Soft Voices Creations
Iokko: Some socks from Atomic
Both: Schoolshoes in Butterfly : News by {anc}

Extras && Accessories;
::Horny Doll::
Hungry Bunny Doll in Purple by Katat0nik !!Gacha @ Xiasumi!!
Artist's Antlers in Pastels by Half Deer !!New @ Xiasumi!!!
Artist's paintbrush in light colors by Half Deer !!Also @ Xaisumi!!!
Neck Stitches by Zombie Suicide
Vintage Flower Key necklace by Imeka !!New @ Chapter 4!!!
::Lunch Box::
Lunchbox Moon Dog by Marianne by Boogers !!New @ Xaisumi!!!
Inugami in Grape by Silent Sparrow
Iokko: Freckles by Blues
Doki Doki Bow Backpacks by Blah. !!New @ 100 Block!!!

Iokko: Black camera from {anc} photography Gacha @ Xiasumi


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