Wednesday, April 29, 2015

& Chobii jumped over the moon~

I'm not a cow but... I jumped over a moon. Buwahaha~ I am really in love with this set by Katat0nik at Xiasumi... I thinkkkk you can still get in? ;~; If not I'm sure it'll be available in her store soons because it's gorgeous. It's rigged for Slink/Maitreya with panties that go with it as appliers for both, but I'm rockin' it on my TMP. Fits with a bit of butt alpha so I'm a super happy... whatever I am. Today I am rocking the MOODY head by The Shops thanks to a friend who got it for me. ;//; So thankful. I think the look really puts the serious feel in to jumping through tree moons. Speaking OF tree moons these babies are a make by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations who has been delving more in to d├ęcor as well as cute accessories as of late. It's makin' my dokidokis. <3


Body Stuffs;

Doll V2 in Vamp by Pink Fuel
Aeries in Browns by Soonski
Cleo eyes in Green by {Song}
Moody in Deluxe by The Shops
Female body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project w/hands & feet
Sweet Jezebel Claw by Gorgeous Dolls
Clothing Stuffs;
Spoopy Nurse in White/Black by Katat0nik
Take your pick at black panties or if you're in Slink & Maitreya the ones provided! I'm wearing some simple black ones by Arise.

Extras && Accessories;
Light Me Up #3 by Elephant Poses !!Includes light balls!!!
Demon Princess horns in Onyx by Aii the Ugly & The Beautiful !!New Release!!!
Areiya Circlet in Vyn by Plastik !!Gacha!!!

My Dead Pet Hair Accessory by Dirty Stories


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