Monday, April 6, 2015

Magical Enchantments~

Happy weekdays, loveloves! I hope everyone's weekend was as awesome as mine! Lovebug ended up coming home early and my cold ended up kicking my behiiind. I'm back though, and happier than ever. I'm back on my cleaning schedule, since last thursday, so I decided to go with a cute little maid uniform from Mikazuki to show you all today! As if that alone isn't adorable, I tried my hand at texturing some of her Aprons which you can find here .}|{. I decided to go with some casual and worn looking furniture by Paper Moon for my décor for this set, and spiced it up with some new candles & a shelf by Aisling which can be found at we<3RP this round. I also put the new lamp by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations out, which you'll be able to snag from season story. (Don't worry I'll be blogging it again to remind you not to miss out!) LAST piece of amazing décor is this Staff by Melon Bunny which is holdable and has an awesome glowy ball. .}|{. <If you wanna see it movin' and stuff! Comes with a HUD so it can be blue or red~ Ok I'll stop rambling! :*


Body Stuffs;

Rin in Tan by The Secret Hideaway
Hanabi Hair in Ombre 6 by Due !!Gacha!!!
Another World Eyes in Green by POMF
M3+ by Utilizator
Hime lashes by Candy Cutie
Fancy Feet in MID by Black Heart !!Made for Kemono!!!
Kemono by Utilizator
Stretched ears in Tunnel size 1 by Mandala
Anti-gravity boob job by Black Heart !!Made for Kemono!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Maid Uniform by Mikazuki !!New Release!!!
Elastic Heart Dorothy Gales in Baby Pink by *Epic *

Extras && Accessories;
Flower Choker by 2pm.

Sweetheart Necklace in Innocence by Violet Voltaire
Table, chairs, cabinet, and wall cabinet - Khokhloma Dining Set - Gzhel - RARE by Paper Moon !!GACHA!!!
Plates, Spoons, & Eggs - Khokhloma Eastery Set in Gzhel RARE by Paper Moon !!Gacha!!!
Potion Shelf and candles - Magic Potion Shelf A and Candles in Blue by Aisling !!New @ we<3RP!!!
Lamp - Sparkling Flower Lamp in Honey by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!Coming SOON to SEASON'S STORY. <3!!!!
Staff - Elemental's Staff V.1.1 by Melon Bunny !!NEW @ We<3RP!!!


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