Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Natural Habitat

I was unsure what to call this until a friend of mine said I looked like a cowfairy in my own natural habitat. I laughed, because I really find this to be a comforting and appealing scene. So I guess it's true. ANYWAY THE GOODS~ oh my do I -love- this lingerie set by Blah at Burlesque. The fair in general was lacking a bit, in my opinion. I didn't see a lot that screamed 'burlesque' to me. I, however, love this little tied up set by Blah. Reminds me of what I think a burlesque lovie would look like after undressing a little. Still covered but tantalizing! The MASK is another Burlesque goodie by Pink Acid, which I have completely fallen for. Good thing it's all hearts, hm? Also sporting the new skin by Pink Acid at the Fashion Fair! These are my favorites of the set, but I saved the BEST for LAST! Mikazuki has recereated their wing set from the Sword Art Online series, adding all of them from the second arc. Not only are these babies still fully mesh AND tintable as they were, but now they have an animation that spreads them and emits sparkles while you're FLYING. <3 Too cute. Before I'm finished I just want to let you all know that Gorgeous Dolls has made her nails, long nails, and is making her pointed nails in a simple to use hud driven kit for The Mesh Project hands. The kids make the nails useable with ALL of TMP's current hand poses, and there's a special pastel edition available now. >//< <3 Heart is around the sparkles from the wing and the arrow is pointed to these perfect nails. <3


Body Stuffs;

Sharon in Latte by Pink Acid !!New @ Fashion Fair!!!
Harmony (Bun) in Light Browns by Truth
Hairbase by Ploom from Ploom's Mystic Gacha in Browns
Bohemian Eye Collection in 3 by The Skinnery
S02 Kirei Eyelashes by FTL
Female Body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project w/ Hands & Feet
Clothing Stuffs;
Madmoiselle Shibari Lingerie in White by Blah. !!New @ Burlesque!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Braces Teeth in Colors by Shine
Uni Ears in Glaistig by .:Soul:.
Brandee by Loud Mouth
Tempe Necklace in Snow by Random Matter !!New @ Uber!!!
Family Necklace in Pink Quartz by .{Yumyums}.
::Hand Sparkles::
Magical Glitter Star Sparkle by :*Baby*:
::Hair Goodies::
Cameilla Headdress by DownDownDown !!New @ Creator Collection Box!!!
Love's Blush Engagement Ring by Exquisite !!WornformySakakakaak!!!
Midnight Engagement Ring in Silver by Exquisite !!!WornformyLovebug<3!!!
Silver Celebration Ring by Oddfish Studios !!New @ Liason Collab & Wornformypurpsie!!!
Baroque Earrings in White by Glam Affair
Hidden Love Burlesque Mask in Silver by Pink Acid
Tassel Kiseru in Black.Silver by Cerberus Crossing
Fairy King Wings 1.2 by Mikazuki !!New Mainstore Release!!!
Mokki's Way in size 30 by Gorgeous Dolls

Big Leaf in Pale by Happy Mood
Floor Grass in Pink by Happy Mood
Sunrays by Happy Mood
Globe Lamp in Moon S by Happy Mood
Maiden Tor Stone Circle in Magical Fog by Artisan Fantasy
Maiden Tor Stone Circle in Magical Sparcles by Artisan Fantasy
Knitted Pouf in Orange by Soy.
Celestial Glass Stones in Pastel Pink by Half-Deer
Dreamscape Mushrooms in Pink & Purple W Colored lights by Half-Deer
Cauldron Of The Stars in Ultramarine/Rainbow by Half-Deer
Flowerhead Goldfish in Dream S by Half-Deer
Falling Tiles Platform V-2 by Allesa Walmer
Bright Particle by Happy Mood
Wintermoon Veil Set by LaGyo

MUUAH~ <3 :*


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