Friday, February 6, 2015

Spread The Love!

Soooo, apparently smoking a little before taking my night meds knocks me out hard! SO ANYWAY (Will leave an update on me down below) <3 I'm blogging this round of the Spread The Love Event, which is an event that's supporting charities for the LGBT community outside of SL and is run by the SLGBT Group. All designers have donation %s out for RL charaties, so give a stop by~ :D <3

Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Skye in Browns by Blues
Pure Eyes in Green by Angelica
Babydoll in Deluxe by The Shops
Female Body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project

Clothing Stuffs;
Love mini by Digital DeZines !!New @ Spread The Love Event!!!
Burlesque Socks in Black by Pervette !!New @ Burlesque!!!
Amore Shoes in Monochrome by .Ginchi.

Extras && Accessories;
Amore Earrings in Black by .Ginchi. !!New @ Spread The Love!!!
Amore Bangle in Monochrome & Amore Cuff in Monochrome by .Ginchi. !!!New @ Spread The Love!!!
Starlight Bracelet in Silver/Smoke by Blissiere !!New @ Spread the Love!!
Simply Loved Bracelet in Rainbow by ~Mesh Glam~ !!New @ Spread The Love!!!
Girl Love Septum by 7mad;Ravens !!New @ Spread The Love!!!
Ladie's Purple Argyle Glasses by Vintage Touch !!New @ Spread The Love!!!
Female Symbolism Necklace in Silver by [ abrasive ] !!New @ Spread The Love!!!
Love With No Bounds Choker by Kitty Moon !!New @ Spread The Love!!!
Wrapped in Love Rainbow Ring by ~Mesh Glam~ !!New @ Spread The Love!!!
Mr. Tache Rainbow Ring by ~Mesh Glam~ !!New @ Spread The Love!!!
Starlight Ring in Silver/Smoke by Blissiere !!New @ Spread The Love!!!

Be Mine by EK Studios Project


!! Follow US !! Fallen in love heart ottoman (cuddles) blogger
!! Follow US !! Champagne bucket (classic) blogger version
Grumble-Vineyard Collection-Dots Rug
!! Follow US !! Ivory ladder - Valentine (Y&M) blogger version
!! Follow US !! Cabaret - Love screen (white) blogger version
Grumble-Vineyard Collection-Side Table
!! Follow US !! Valentine heart cookies box blogger version
!! Follow US !! Valentine cakes stand V2 blogger version
!! Follow US !! I <3 my BF basket (condom) - LGBTA version
Grumble-Art-Vineyard Edition-Dark
Frogstar - Shelf D'amour (Red)
Grumble-MESH Chair-Vineyard Collection


Partner is ThePurpleStuff if you're curious as to what she's wearing. :} Please IM. <3


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