Thursday, February 12, 2015

My beloved~

I'm pleased any time someone makes anything with a tuxedo cat in it, since it reminds me of my lost love. Birdy did for Chapter 4 and their cute little fat bellies just killl meee. Too cute. I was thinking of and talking to my sister when I made this outfit, so I tatted and pierced myself up with her in mind while popping in to some adorable goods to show you. <3 Small picture, I sowwie... I'm super in to Starbound again so I couldn't really... find my creativity. I must have left it at the bottom of some planet.

Body Stuffs;

Amare (Freckles) in Latte by Pink Acid !!New @ With Love!!
Hollis2 in Brown by Elua !!New @ Chapter 4!!!
Lillian Eyes in Hazel by Buzzeri
Flasies Eyelashes by Mon Cheri
Female Body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project
Clothing Stuffs;
Heart On Corset in Pure by Anachron !!New @ Thrift Shop!!!
Cute Cardi in Black by The Sugar Garden
Skinny Jeans in Cold-reg Maitreya by Bueno !!Worn on TMP!!
Halcyon Sandals in White by BOOM

Extras && Accessories;
::Leg Bows::
Burlesque Bow by MUKA !!New @ Burlesque!!!
::Ears & Tail::
Bear Ears in Little Lights Choco by Half-Deer !!New @ Chapter 4!!!!
Cross Pony Holder in White and Black by EMBW !!Gacha!!!
Brandee by Loud Mouth
Gen 4 Heart Plugs by Aitui
Chibi Kitty in Black (Named Gao) by Birdy !!Gacha @ Chapter 4!!!
Sir Septum Ring by Fetch
Mesh Dimple Piercings by Sugar Heart
Mesh Nose Stud by Sugar Heart
Mesh Spider Bites by Sugar Heart
OpenMouth PRO teeth v2.0 by PXL


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