Friday, February 13, 2015

Atlantian Princess

AND I AM LIVING IN A FANTASY WORLD 'CAUSE I AM A FANTASY GIRL~ Oh oh ohhh~ Ok so that's not how the song goes but you knoooow. Creepy Kawaii opens today, but rather than stick things in your face you can't get yet, I'm going to cover that next week and give you an awesome release by Yumyums for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which is opppeeen. <3 I really loved watching this piece come together. I'm in FIRE but there are a bunch of cute colors to choose from. I was featured in the ad too! :'D It shows the colors so...


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Keiran Hair in Basics by Tableau Vivant
Sorrow Eyes in Green by Dead Apples !!Group Gift!!!
S02 Kirei Eyelashes by FTL
::Hands & Feet::
Casual L and Elegant R hands by Slink & Mid feet by Slink
Lara V2.1 by Maitreya
Clothing Stuffs;
Atlantian Goddess in Gold&Fire .{yumyums}.

Extras && Accessories;
Uni Ears in Mer Long by .:Soul:. !!New @ We<3RP!!!

Simple outfits for yous. MUAH! <3


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