Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Birthday Wishes & Mouth Review!!!

Hey loves, not only do I have my normal bloggie goodies for you, which is the last bit of my haul from the creepy kawaii fair, but I also have to tell you that it's Iokko from .{Yumyums}. Birthday today!!! Hip hip, birthdaaay! I'm also doing a mouth review for you guys, with an addition of a NEW MOUTH yet to be released. O:

On to the mouth review.

First off is the .:Soul:. Kissers. This mouth is yet to be released and is near effortless to fit. It takes up a MUCH larger area of skin than all of the others mouths, however, which really limits how much you can stretch and toy with it. Natural blushes on skins and freckles will immediately cause a seam if you try to make the lips much wider. I was able to make them a little fuller than they are right out the package by stretching them up and down. SO. Pros: Easy to fit, cute cupid's bow shape. FANTASY OPTIONS like ORC and VAMPIRE and KITTY. (Will be showing later in the week.) Works well in every wind light I've tired! Comes with a fitting tattoo and applier for the lips to get them in the perfect position before you put the skin appliers on! Cons: Only available in the .:Soul:. Skins upon release unless appliers are made. If you want to have skins made for these bad boys, bug your favorite skin designer to contact Lerochelle.Destiny. <3

Secndly is the widely known and beloved Loud Mouth. I'm showing off Alli in this picture, though I usually rock Brandee because I -love- how full it is. You all know how the Loud Mouth works. I've made Alli a lot wider and fuller by editing it, but I actually think I made it a little too big seeing all the lips lined up. Haha maybe I like fuller lips to an unrealistic degree? ^__^; I still feel loud mouth takes the cake for the perfect sexy pout with their open mouths. They have the perfect amount of upper lip definition, in my opinion. Pros: TONS of available appliers, easy to fit, VERY customizable. Loud Mouth has been around for a long time and is certainly known for their mouths as well as customer service. Cons: A little too hard for people to fit who don't understand the edit menu or know about the ability to edit linked parts. A windlight issue after a certain firestorm update that makes the shadows/light hit the mouths in a way that causes seams that are next to impossible to get rid of unless you use a windlight like Bree's Appleblossom or make your own. This, however, is an issue with a -lot- of mesh parts and is not Loud Mouth specific.

Next up is the NyamNyam. It's a mouth I refused to get for a looong time because of the overly defined M in the upper lip. I really don't like that much definition. After getting it I realized it's actually pretty easy to fit, despite not having the ability to edit or edit linked parts much. (No stretching and what not) There is some problem with the animated one because of the way the skins sit on it? I'm not sure what causes it. All in all though, I think it's pretty cute on. Pros: Very easy to fit. I had the least problems with this mouth. Lots of different mouth positions for people who like variety. An animated option for movement when typing. Cons: All of the mouth options outside the first two look -very- weird with skin appliers on due to the way they stretch and deform. Skin deformation is also on the animated mouth during animation. Inability to edit via the edit menu and edit linked parts to stretch and make wider/thicker if preferred.

Last up is a new released by PXL which people have been going nuts over. I wasn't going to get it at first because neh @ the mouth scene since the firestorm update. I also really am not a fan of the lack of definition in the upper lip... it looks like someone got botox in their top lip and it's yet to come down from being swollen. It's unnatural looking, in my opinion. But maybe that's just because I prefer lips that look closer to my RL lips. Outside of that, I decided to give it a go for a review. I had the hardest time fitting it, and even at the end I had to just deal with a seam on the bottom lip that I couldn't get rid of at the chin. I only was able to get rid of the seams on the upper lip by editing my shape enough that my actual shape takes up to the upper lip and covers most of the mesh they made for the upper lip. After I got it on, however, I realized that they did stellar at making a cute pair of pouty lips. These, I feel, look better smaller as the bigger they get the more plastic surgery healing I feel it looks needs to be done. Pros: Nice price and from a well known place. Decent shape for those who don't mind the lack of a cupid's bow/M in the upper lip for an adorable little pouty look. Quickly becoming popular, so appliers aren't too hard to find. Comes with three lip piercings fit right to it. Ability to edit on all axises/edit link parts and stretch. Cons; hard to fit, in my opinion but it may just be because of my shape. Not fully covered as far as appliers go. Need to be mindful to ensure you stretch/fit the piercings after editing or they look derpy.

As you can see, there's not many downfalls to PXL if you can fit them and like the shape! I still love Loud Mouth the most of the four, but that orc mouth also has me super happy. Let me know which you prefer and if you had troubles fitting PXL?

Body Stuffs;

Catalina in Honey by .:Soul:.
Julie in Honey by [theSkinnery]
Vixen in Light Browns by Truth
Moonage Daydream in Girl Next Door by Clawtooth
Hope in Aqua Ghost by {SONG}
Forever Yours Eye Collection in 14 by [theSkinnery]
Lara by Maitreya W/ Hands & Feet by Slink
Clothing Stuffs;

Sweet Lydiah Dress in Lilac by :Moon Amore: !!Available @ Creepy Kawaii!!!
Sweet Lydiah Stockings in Black by :Moon Amore: !!Available @ Creepy Kawaii!!!
Long Sleeve Boldero in Black by * COCO *
Death Dealer Platforms II in Pinku Bones by Melon Bunny !!Available @ Creepy Kawaiii!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Embelished Key Necklace in Silver by (Yummy)
Demon Tail in Coal by * BOOM *
Succubus Star Drippy Chibi Wings in Black by * Epic * !!Available @ Creepy Kawaii
Kissers in Cupid'sPout by .:Soul:. !!Coming SOON!!!
Stubby Horns by .:Soul:.
The Devil Tarot Clutch by LaGyo

Nerdism Glasses in Neutral Tones by [geek.] !!New Mainstore Release!!!


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