Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dreams of Punishment~

So the start of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is coming up soon. I hope you're all as excited as I am because some of the people in it make -amazing- things. A friend of mine who got in hooked me up with some goodies so we could do a postie together. I am absoutely in LOVE with this set from Zenith and the gorgeousness from Aisling (as usual) as if I needed more to love, the Hair from Blues is stunning and Olive has taken my breath away yet again! Only thing her hair left me wanting was bangs, so I added some from Boon! We dressed love bug up again too with goodies from the Forge and MASTERPIECEEE~ My computer wasn't being nice so I was lucky to have Iokko take the picture for me. <3 Credits from what we ALL have on below. MUAH~

Body Stuffs;

Chobii: Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Iokko: Blair in Champagne by The Skinnery
Lovebug: Yvis in tone 10 by The Shops
Chobii: The Ivy II Hair in Morning Coffee by Olive !!New @ Fantasy Gacha!!!
Iokko: Minky in Snow by Blues. !!New @ Fantasy Gacha!!!
Lovebug: Matthew in Browns/Blacks by Monso !!New @ The Men's Department!!!
Chobii: Nebula in Forest by Dead Apples
Lovebug: Lillian Eyes in Chocolate by Buzzeri
Chobii: Babydoll in Deluxe by The Shops
Lovebug: Soft in Deluxe by The Shops
Chobii: “Falsies” eyelashes by Mon Cheri
Chobii: Female Body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project w/ hands & Feet
Iokko: Lara by Maitreya W/ Slink Hands & Feet
Lovebug: Male Body in Deluxe by The Mesh Project w/hands

Clothing Stuffs;
Chobii: Tribal Beaded Belly Skirt & Bra in Rose by Zenith !!New @ FGC!!!
Iokko: Dangara panties in Snow by Aisling !!New @ FGC!!!
Top: Dame Des Fleurs Chestpiece by Aisling
Lovebug: Belted Pants in Black by The Forge
Top: Dwarven chest Armor in Faded Black by The Forge
Chobii & Iokko are barefoot
Lovebug is wearing the Dwarven boots in Faded Black by The Forge

Extras && Accessories;
Chobii: Ivory Flower Headdress in Rose by Zenith !!New @ FGC!!!
Iokko: Dame De Fleurs Headdress Ulra RARE by Aisling!!Gacha!!! & Ivory Flower Headdress in Milk by Zenith !!New @ FGC!!!
::Arm goodies::
Chobii: Dame De Fleurs Arm Gold (L) by Aisling !!Gacha!!! & LadyOfHighGarden Bracers in Gold by Aisling !!Gacha!!!
Iokko: Dame De Fleurs Arm in Gold by Aisling !!Gacha!!!
::Leg goodies::
Chobii: Tallulah Tighs in Gold by Aisling !!Gacha!!!
Iokko: Dangara Necklace in RARE by Aisling !!New @ FGC!!!
Alli by Loud Mouth
Uni Ears in Luin by .:Soul:.
Gretchen Earrings by Aisling
Mokki's Way nails for TMP ALL HANDS by Gorgeous Dolls
Lilim's Indescretion PEDI (For Ouch! Feet) by Gorgeous Dolls


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