Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dino Moo Moo Relaxation!

YOYOYOOO~ Lol. So I originally was going for a more 'ghetto' look when I picked up this stuff from Kustom9... being from Philly.. I thought I'd have it down, y'know? Nope. XD Still somehow ended up adorable. Filled with Dinosaurs and, yeah I know I added these but sh, cows. Two of my favorite things. Since it was a super relaxed looking... look? XD I decided to surround myself with things I love to show you all. :D <3

I really loved these shoes when I passed them at this last round of Kustom 9. I mean. Come on. See through shoes? Why weren't these a thing when I was 7? I know, I did have Jellies, but those weren't boots! XD Those adorable cows were a FLF from D-Labs. I dunno if I've told you all of my love for D-Labs but it's D E E P. <3

This hair. Is. My everything right now. It's a new release by LCKY that's name after our beloved Eilfie. ;~~~; How cute is thaaat? Not only is that news exciting, but the owner of Lcky has revamped her huds so all her hairs can be two toned as in half and halfs! O: How amazing is thaaat? I'm so happpyyyy. <3 You still get the dipy colors from the dip pack, too! :D Dual tone dips!!! <3 I also don't anime head much, I know, I don't much like it to my real face... I, however, fell in LOVEEEEE when I saw these new eyes by Ni.Ju. The Depth eyes that I oh so love are now made for the M3 head and in eyes this big they are just so captivating!

I'mma try to get into the fantasy gacha carnival! Wish me LUCK! <3

OH. OH. ALSO. Thank you guys for 15,000 views.. ;~; You're all so amazing!

Body Stuffs;

Eun-Seo in A Tone by The Sugar Garden
Eilfie by LCKY !!New Release!!!
Depth Eyes in Apple by Ni.ju !!New Release for M3 Head!!!
Braces in Colorful by Shine
Brandee by Loud Mouth
Skin Applier by ME
Lip Applier by The Sugar Garden
Luna Lip Gloss in Gumdrop
Sprite Lashes by Chus
Elegant 1 Hands by Slink Worn
Flat feet by Slink worn
Short Gelf Ears by Trap
Frisky Succubus Tail in Spring II by YumYums

Clothing Stuffs;
Stadium Jumper (With Inner) number 3 by Offbeat !!Kustom9!!!
Tasty Butt Jeans in Ripped by DeeTaleZ
Jelly Boots in Canary by LC !!Kustom9!!!

Extras && Accessories;

My Heart in Silver by Tea Soup
::Necklace 1::
Skeleton hands Necklace by Death Row Designs
Urban Bracelet by Rotten Toe
Rock-A-Knucks Nerd by Geek
::Ring 2::
Silver Cross Ring in Yellow by Sakide !!Gacha!!!
Kawaii Star-Packpack in HighlighterxSilver by The Sugar Garden
::Hair Bow::
Heart Bow Cracked in Yellow by Pantsu Hunter
Dinny the Dino in Viola Spots by Silent Sparrow
Star Lollipop in Blue & Yellow by Witches & Rats !!New Lolita Haven Group Gift!!!
Decorative Sunglasses Star 2 Purple by Love Soul !!Gacha!!!
Dino Snapback in Light Purple by CocoRoni !!Kustom 9!!!
Face Stars in White by Ni.Ju
Rainbow Earrings by Gummies !!Kustom 9!!!

Things laid around are found at the wonderful Kensington Gardens event which opened TODAY. :]

Bench: Romantic Garden Bench by Linked
Fountain: Mermaid Fountain by Medowworks

For The Candy Factory I snagged these cute little pictures by Freebird

Here Comes the Sun Canvas RARE by Free Bird
Rise and Shine Canvas by Free Bird
The Sun Will Rise Canvas by Free Bird

Fence is an old win from 8f8 at the last round of the Arcade
Grass is from Floorplan, personal picnic from the last C88
Cows are from D-Labs

MUAHMUAH. <33333 Kustom 9 Closes really soon, so make sure you get in tonight!!! :'D <3


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