Thursday, November 20, 2014

Out Of The Woods

Winter clothes have always been a downfall of mine. I really love big jackets, hoodies, sweaters... the whole nine yards man. I just want to be covered in them and rolling around. Unfortunately that doesn't really mix with my love for cute too well as they're usually too comfortable and simple to tickle my cute bone. The Sugar Garden has mixed the two to make us something wonderful that you can find at The Kawaii Project. I paired them with another new release from The Sugar Garden, these adorable boots. I also have a large love for big hair and curls, so this release from LCKY is pretty much my everything. I've been sitting on it waiting for the right outfit to pair it with. A little Foxie from Mishmish finishes it all off, having fooled me in to running in to the woods! Are we out yet?

Body Stuffs;

Ruiko Kinamoto in Ivory by Pink Acid !!New @ Cosplay SL!!!
Janine in FATPACK by LCKY
Sparkling Eyes in Fairy by Angelica !!Gacha!!!
Babydoll in Deluxe by The Shops
Deluxe Body by The Mesh Project
Clothing Stuffs;
Puffy Coat in Blue by The Sugar Garden !!New @ Kawaii Project!!!
Corset Stockings in White by Pervette
Preppy Boot in Baby Blue by The Sugar Garden !!New!!!

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Bow::
Gigi Hairbow in Baby Blue by The Sugar Garden
Perles da la Mer in Pure Silver by Junbug
Bear on a Wire in White by Unrepentant !!New @ Cirque de Seraphim!!
Paper Wings in Tiffany Lace by Boom !!New @ Kawaii project!!!
Little Fox to Hold in Brow by Mishmish !!New @ C88!!!
Sweet Doll Bag in Fatpack by Sweet Thing !!New @ Kawaii Project!!
((I think. <_<; Don't quote me I lost access to the information. <.3))
Vinyl Star Garder in Light Blue/Silver by Violent Seduction !!Gacha!!!
::Face gems::
Microdermal Gems in Brilliant, pear, and heart by Sweet Thing !!Coming soon maybe?!!

((Also lost access to that information, just keep an eye out. :D <3))


Dori R said...

ARE WE IN THE CLEAR YET (Tell that song to stop being so catchy! ;3; )

Chii Motosuwa said...

I refuse.

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