Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Monday, have a dose of cute to start the week off! :D

Happy Monday! :'D I hope you all had a fun and eventful weekend! As you all know, with the beginning of November some events opened up~ I have a few goodies for you today from around the Xaisumi School Festival~ This sim is huuuge and has a few different area so make sure you use your second life exploration know hows and get everything. I'll be showing you more througout the week but today I am showing off the Giraffes by Melon Bunny found in the school and the Oni Companions by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations also found in the school. The giraffes really look fuzzy, it's.. awesome. I love all the expression on the oni's too~ So cute. ;~; Adorning my cute Kemono today is a Patchwork Mod I found, an adorable little one piece suit by LCKY that's released with the Uvs and other needed information so that you can color and create your own mod for the suit! :D A new store recently opened and their first release was these -amazing- ears. I love them and have been wearing them SO much. I really love the texture of the fuzz in the middle and the shape. Gorgeous. The wrist and ankle cuffs I have on is a new Gacha by Lamp*Light that is 50L a play for an entire set in one color. It comes with a ring and a choker too! Rare is a fatpack with a hud for ALL colors. It's a steal! <3 Anyway enough rambling!


Body Stuffs;

Pastel Ragdoll Kemono Mod by Krankhaus
Lollipop in Browns w/gumdrops by Pritty
Juicy Eyes in Mystic by Candy Mountain
Kemono by Utilizator
Clothing Stuffs;
Kemono CandyCat BubbleSuit by LCKY !!New!!!

Extras && Accessories;

You're a Wizard Scarf in Pink/White Stripe by Geek !!New @ One Word!!!
Fluff Ears in Mint by DarkenedStare !!New @ LINK!!!
Cutie Dirty Plushie by Fujiwara's World !!New @ Dirty Pillows Hunt!!!
Giraffes in left, right, lazy, and double by Melon Bunny !!New @ Xiasumi School Festival!!!
Oni Companions in ALL by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!New @ Xiasumi School Festival!!!
::Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Cuffs, and Ring::
Maid Ribbons in Lime by Lamp*Light !!New Gacha!!!
::Other Rings::
Tea Time Ring in Purple & Blue by FujiWara's World
DinoLegs by Deadly'sBox !!Kemono Mod!!!:::
Pink Candy by Lamp*Light !!Available on Club Hatsune Sim. Freebie!!!
Ami's Lil Bow Horns in Candy RARE by Sweet Thing !!Gacha!!!
Kemono Nails in Normal/Solids by Ni.Ju

Poses are by Glitterati!


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