Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Master's perfect little Priestess~ ;D

Hallo again, lovelies~ :'D Today I have a few more Xiasumi goodies for you! This time from the Shrine and school section of the event! This adorable and sexy preistess outfit, with head bow, and optional Getas (sold separately) that have adorable paws on the bottom of the feet are by The Sugar Garden and have stolen my heart! As if there were no other more perfect times in the world. Lamp*Light released a new pair of original mesh Android Ears that look a lot like the Persocom Ears Chii from Chobits wore in the anime! These babies come with multiple colors for the top and bottom, sounds for when you open and close them (optional of course), and usb cords that come out of them when opened! Not only that but you can set it so that either you or ANYONE can open your ears for a cute usb surprise! Be the andriod you've always wanted. I'm master perfect little priestess today. ;D <3


Body Stuffs;

D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Mystic in Indecisive (Browns) by Ploom !!New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!!
Doll Eye in Misc 1 by Mudskin
Tsu in D Tone
Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain
Starry Lashes by Lovely Alien
The Mesh Project Deluxe Body W/hands & Feet
Clothing Stuffs;
Sexy Miko in Baby Blue by The Sugar Garden !!New @ Xiasumi!!!
Lace Stockings in Basics White by Soft Voices Creations
Pawprint Getas in Blue by The Sugar Garden !!New @ Xiasumi!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Gentle Android Ears by Lamp*Light !!New Release!!!
Magical Meaning Necklace in Follow The Light Glow RARE by Pink Acid !!New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!!
Magical Meaning Ring in Follow The Light Glow by Pink Acid !!new @ FGC!!!
Book 2014 #12 Hakkenden by * N * !!New @ Xiasumi. Gacha!!!
::Hair Bow::
Miko Hair Bow in Baby Blue by The Sugar Garden !!Included with dress!!!

Ghost Doll in Pretty Bow by Katat0nik !!New @ Xiasumi!!!


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