Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nerdy Holidays~

Hello Dearies~ Another day, another... day? Kidding, kidding! Happy Turkey Day to those who celebrate! <3 Haha. I don't have much to say really, outside of I went back to the Geeks & Nerds event and found some awesome stuff. One being this dress which is made by Okkbye AND has appliers for The Mesh Project. You all know I'm a sucker for anything Tmp because I oh so love this bodybody~ I also really loved the computers by Boom which I got the tato version of. (Eee kawaii potatooo <3) Darkened Stare & Sweet Thing joined up again to make these adorable little monsters that remind me of the omnom plants (As I used to call them) from Mario! :D <3 Super cute, I played the gacha until I was out of L I was so in love. These adorb sneakers were a great deal at The Dressing Room, and Altair made a backpack with a saying on it that could not be more true! Cats can fix anything! <3


Body Stuffs;

D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Charlie in Wild Honey by Wasabi Pills !!New @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
Tsuya Eyes in Meadow by Angelica
Mizu in D tone by The Sugar Garden
Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain
Starry Lashes by Lovely Alien
Deluxe Body by The Mesh Project with hands & feet

Clothing Stuffs;
Casual Tank Dress in Pokeball by Okkbye !!New 2 Geeks & Nerds!!!!
The Dressing Room Special Sneakers in Black!! New @ The Dressing Room!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Minimalist Glasses in Silver by BOOM
Nerdy Geek Headpiece by Goth1c0 !!New @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
Darling Ring in Heart Silver by Reign !!New @ N21!!!
Darling Ring in Unicorn RARE Silver by Reign !!New @ N21!!!
Sarena Ring in Moon Silver by Random Matter !!New @ Geeks & Nerds
Heart Of Snow by Wimey !!Gacha @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
Diamond Choker Free Gift in Silver by Haste !!Gift & Geeks & Nerds!!!
Bowtie Necklace in Black RARE by Miseria !!Gacha @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
::Ears & Whiskers::
Catears * Whiskers by Whatever !!!New @ Fantasy Collective!!!

Annnd that's a rap kiddos! <3


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