Monday, November 24, 2014


For a while I've thought that relationships were like circuses. It seems they always takes a downward spiral when two disagree and one always becomes so determined to have their decided wrongs righted. There's such a lack of people being willing to agree to disagree without cutting ties. It's a circus I no longer wanted to play a part in. HOWEVER, the thought became a lot funnier more recently; since it's one I had forgotten about for a good while. Lovebug and I like to do things together and somehow with his ADD and my love of so many different things we've made a gamer life circus of our own. It really hit me when I saw MotiAme's boyfriend Hoodie and then heard and geeks and nerds. X3 I piled some stuff from both together. I guess the circus of relationships is one we'll always play a part in, so make your show bright and shine like stars, loves! <3

Body Stuffs;

D tone by The Sugar Garden
Melody in Huds 01 by Olive !!New @ Kawaii Project!!!
Tsu eyes in Meadow by Angelica
Mizu in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain
Starry Lashes by Lovely Alien
::Feet & Hands::
Slink Casual hands and Mid feet
Nail Appliers by Frogstar Dino Polish !!New @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
Physique by Slink
Clothing Stuffs;
Boyfriend Sweater in Black by MotiAme !!New @ Kustom 9!!!
Page low Platform Pumps in Noir by Livalle !!New @ My Attic!!!

Extras && Accessories;
::Necklace 1::
Gamer Girl necklace in White by The Sugar garden !!New @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
::Necklace 2::
Potion Collection Necklace in Short by Buttery Toast !!New @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
::Thought Bubbles::
Thought Bubble in Idiots by Buttery Toast !!New @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
Oerba Yun Earrings by Wimey !!Gacha @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
Time of the Mog Wand by Wimey !!Gacha @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
::Circus goodies::
Practice Walk by Mein
Alpaca El and Ella by Ionic !!Gacha!!!

Vintage lamp by Ionic


sarah lee said...

It's heartbreaking but we're trying to get over it. As disappointed as we were, I think that somehow you have to find a way to think that it happened for a reason. See the link below for more info.


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