Thursday, January 23, 2014

Naughty Night Secrets!

I have to say my -favorite- thing about Sailor Moon and other magical girlie animes is that most of them are still in school. When you're in school you feel like the whole world is against you and that things are so hard despite having very little actual responsibilities. Plus, without the school life... how interesting would the shows even be? XDD Mine would be terra-boring~ Wake up, clean, eat, save the world, play online, go to bed, rinse and repeate! In any case, I totally love the idea!~

I have a dressed look made for this too, because it's so... revealing... >////<; I'ma show you guys that first. It's made thinking of the adorable and simple school life that I totally took advantage of by thinking I knew everything!

I lovelovelove this dress, by the Secet store. This hair. Hng. To die for. It's the Usagi Hair by Violent Seduction. It is 100% original rigged mesh and is miss Iki's first mesh hair! She has it in a bunch of colors (Some named after Sailor Moon characters!!!) so go check it out!!!

I used the bits from The Sugar Garden's Sailor Lingerie to make the dress look like a mock of something Usagi-chan herself would wear~ I am a huge huge huge sailor moon fan... like it's third only to my love for Chobits and my love for FINAL FANTASY

Speaking of, LOVES, there is a FINAL FANTASY event coming up in Febuary, so get ready to be spammed with a tons of awesome items once I can get my bumbum in there. HNGG FINAL FANTASY~ This little Chobit has both 10/10-2 and 13-3 reserved and paid in fullllll~ :DDD


Body Stuffs;
Usagi Hair in Coffee Brown by Violent Seduction
Hime Eyes in Ocean by Buzz
Simple Ears by Mandala
Braces Teeth color by Shine

Clothing Stuffs;

Sentofuku Lingerie in Moon by The Sugar Garden !!Now @ Omg!!!
Lulu Vintage in Navy by The Secret Store
::Socks 1::
Frilly Lace Socks in White by The Sugar Garden
::Socks 2::
Bunny socks in white by Coepio
::Shoes 1::
Brienne Flats in Red by Friday
::Shoes 2::
My Charming Heels in Red by Blah

Extras && Accessories;
::Health Bar::
My Pixel Hearts by Pinku Pantsu
Magical Monster Pet Defkon in Pinkful by UFO
Meow Head Earmer in Piebald by Mango Cheeks !!Now @ Omg!!!
Pocket Pet Bunny in Cream by Birdy
::Bracelets & Ring 1 andand tiara::
The Scout's Tiara ring and bracelet in Mini moon gold and black
Ribbon Heart Collar in Saphire by Pekka !!Now @ Omg!!!
Rosario Bracelet in Blue by Pekka !!Now @ Omg!!!
Boobracelet #05 by Witches & Rats
Cute Kitty Glasses in White/Red by Witches & Rats
Candybow in Cinnamon by PL !!Now @ Omg!!!
Skeleton Ring in White/Blue Skull by PMS !!Now @ Omg!!!
Ghostie ring in Blue by Geek
My Mustache Ring in Nacy by TRS !!Now @ Omg!!!
Melt My Heart Ring in White by AUX
Totebag Pachwork Happy by Noirilicious
::Knee Tattoo::
Knee cat tattoo by UFO
::Tummy Tattoo::
Butterfly Tatoo by Dirty Secrets
Holy Chibis Wings in Coral by HolliPocket !!Now @ Omg!!!
::Hip Bows::
Bell Hair Bow – long – in red by The Sugar Garden
Sailor Kitty in Black and White by Noodles
Magic Hands by Pinku Pantsu
::Ankle bows::
Prissy Ruffle Socks in black by The Sugar Garden
Moonlight Magic Kaleido Moon Scope by The Sugar Garden
The Scouts Heart Pendant in Uranus & Silver by Olive

I think that's all! Hope you enjoy it! >////<;;


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