Friday, January 10, 2014

Little updates for you!

Happy end of the week.. kind of...?

STILL NOT FEELING THE BEST! Will be back THIS monday for SURE. <33

I did happen to pop up the Bubblegum Alley Stuff I wanted to show you though!!

Excuse the outfit..? Or.. not..? Just love it. I do. XD Two of these items were gifts from Saka because she knows how much I love cows. I.. SERIOUSLY love cows. XD I found the coin purse at a yard sale (THANK YOU WHOEVER WAS SELLING IT. <3) but it's an item from this round of Oh My Gacha!! So if you want one go play, play, play! All the purses are ADORABLE... and I have a ton. ;A; <....3

Hat and shoes are previous arcade items and can be found at yard sales still I'm sure, but everything else is available N O W~

I know, not showing you anything I promised yet, but they'll all come next week I promise! MUAH!

The Goods;

Curious in Huds 01 by Magika
Fantasy Elf Ears by Mandala

::Top and Leggings::
Lil' Cow Pajama by Crazy Kitty
Double Mini Skirt by Juicy Pop
Abomination Mish Mash boots in Pink by Curio Obscura

Cow Hat by 8f8
Baby Doll Lips in Rose Pink by Pink Acid
::Highlight gloss::
Izzie's glossy Lip Highlights in 3D by Izzie's
Cowbell Bow Collar by Mused
Moomoo in a Tutu by Envee
::Coin Purse::
Cow Purse in Cookies & Cream RARE by AC !!Now @ Omg!!!
::Leg Cow::
Ox by Pink Fuel
Frankenstitches by Bubblegum Treasure Trove

Happeeee weekend!


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