Friday, January 17, 2014

Summer love~

It's been off and on with the weather here. One day it's super cold, the next day it's pretty warm. The mix in weather allows me to enjoy the not so cold days without having to worry about bugs since they're still sleeping.

..if I leave the house while it's warm? XDD Either way it's totally making me miss the summer. Mentally, I adore the summer. I'm a summer baby, I used to love the beach, and water is about my favorite thing. Oddly enough though, I like ice the most which has come to pass in time, the cold makes people AND bugs go away, and the ocean = sharks in my mind which are scarryyy!!! So I've come to love the IDEA of summer.

The 25 for 25 hunt has totally given in and made me things to wear around at a tropical paradise so I can live vicariously through SL and have some summer time while it's still really cold outside!!! <333

I am totally loving these earrings from Free Bird. The little Kangaroo on them is super cute. This AWESOME hat is fully original mesh and the details on it make me squee with happiness. There's a lot more than just these items on the hunt, but they went perfectly with the top from Leri Miles Designs that is also offered and made me feel like it was time for a SL beach vacation! Wanna beach too? BEACH PARTYYY. <3

The Goods;

Body Stuffs;

Sweet in HUD 01 by Magika
Fantasy Elf Ears in Short by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;

Zeela Blouse II in Coral by LMD !!Now @ 25for25 Hunt!!!
Bohemian Lowrise Leggings in Brown by Zup
Rose Bikini in White by Umi Usagi
My Charming Pumps in Brown by Blah

Extras && Accessories;

Tiki Top Hat by HeadHunter's !!Now @ 25for25 Hunt!!!
::Extra Earrings::
Aboriginal Kangaroo Wooden Earrings by Free Bird !!Now @ 25for25 Hunt!!!
::Necklace 1::
Snowflake Necklace in Gold by Luminary !!Now @ 25for25 Hunt!!!
::Necklace 2::
Jewelled Dragon's Egg Necklace by Maxi Gossamer !!Now @ C88!!!
Painted Rustic Bangle in Feathers, Flowers, Love, and Owl by Half Deer
::Ring 1::
Strawberry Cupcake Ring by TANC !!Now @ OMG!!!
::Ring 2::
My Wildlife Ring Bunny in Caramel by Utopiah !!Now @ Omg!!!
::Ring 3::
My Mystache Ring in Yellow by Trs !!Now @ Omg!!!
Mickey Rum by Redux !!Now @ Omg!!!
::Lipgloss 1::
Faded Love Lip Testers in Caramel by Glamorize
::Lipgloss 2::
Glossy Lip Highlights 3D by Izzie's

Enjoy your vacation! I have LOTS of awesome things to show you next week which I am super excited about and a bunch of plans for Febuary, so this weekend is mineminemine! Muah!


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