Monday, January 27, 2014

Startin' the week off right!

Sometimes all a girl needs to feel rested and relaxed is a good day shopping.

That's exactly what Lilikins and I had this weekend! It was -awesoooome.- She took me to stores she loves, I took her to stores I love.. and after I dunno a week of inventory cleaning... well... our inventories are a mess again. I'm also showing off the new gift skin from The Sugar Garden. <3

I gave in and got the Loud Mouth, although I didn't get it for my normal avatar. You will see what it's for later in the week. I got these amazing little sneakers from the depraved nation's limited event. Epic has these for sale and when I was there, there were only 60 left!!! We hit up Ni.ju and I got some cute candies for my moouth. First one I got was mint. LOOVE MINT~ Went to Chus and got some socks and hoorns~

My favorite has to be these CUTE little turtle bags from Dark Midday Designs. Time with friends really helps keep me calm. See, I'm not one who throws words around lightly and I hate titles. If I call someone a friend it means I seriously care for them. :] These turtle backpacks remind me of a friend I left in Philly, Rosie, whose love for turtles was so much so that even I began to see the cuteness of them. Since then even I love turtles, but nowhere near as much as cows!!

ALSO, I've been blogging for about 6 months now so I decided to do a revamp layout for the highlights picture! I hope you all like it!


Body Stuffs;

Ulzzang in X Tone by The Sugar Garden
Base; Boon center part b in brown & tinted
Buns; Kawaii kawaii in chocolate by Illmatic !!New @ Kustom 9!!!
Bangs; Hair Pieces Koku99 brown & tinted
Mysteria Eyes in Camo by Buzzeri
Human Teeth in Sexy by Shine
Loud Mouth Brandee lips W/TSG Ulzzang applier By Loud Mouth & The Sugar Garden (for applier)
Stretched Ears in tunnels by Mandala
Lush lashes by Eye Candy
::Hands & Polish::
Elegant 1 Hands worn with appliers by Witches & Rats

Clothing Stuffs;

::Top 1::
Queen Mary Pull in Pink and blue by Loulou & Co !!Now @ Omg!!!
::Top 2::
Laced Crop Top in Black by Heartless
High Waist Shorts in Razor Candy by Bubblegum Treasure Trove
Black Hole Tights by Chus
Mr. Moustache Sparkle Kicks in Hot Pink by Epic

Extras && Accessories;

Galazia Horns in Neptuns Charm by Chus !!Gacha!!
::Necklace 1::
Creepy Crawler Necklace in Butterfly/Teal by Random Matter
::Necklace 2::
Rawr Necklace in Teal by Mango Cheeks
Plush Turtle Backpack in Gum (Rare) by Dark Midday Designs !!Gacha!!!
Pig Purse in Neapolitan by AV !!Now @ Omg!!!
Holy Chibis Wings in Lime by Holli Pocket

Decorative Glasses in Ribbon A pink by Love Soul !!Gacha!!!
::Eye Patch::
Patchy Patch in Black and Pink by Candy Mountain
Moonlight Magic Moon Stick in Teal by The Sugar Garden !!Now @ Omg!!!
::Hip Bow::
The Fancy Bow in Pink and Teal by Fappy !!Now @ Omg!!!
Sweets w/rope in Mint by Ni.Ju


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