Monday, January 20, 2014

Cute azz Chobii in the darkest of middays!


Did you guys have a good weekend? Mine didn't at -all- go as planned. I ended up getting a homestead that is going to be dedicated to a Skies of Arcadia RP that my lovebug and I are going to be running. I am such a busy little Sler, hmhm? Don't worry though, it will not get in the way of the shopping! Speaking of shopping, I have goodies to show you!

So this AMAZING coat and hat are from Dark Midday Designs. I saw them at RMK's Frost Fair, but couldn't get them at that time. They were saved as a “Get me later” item. The weather here has been really wonky. Snowing yesterday, 45 today. Nice and warm compared to what I was expecting, y'know? It makes me feel like spring keeps coming and then going, “HAHA JUST KIDDING” and running away. This outfit was inspired by that. The fatpack comes with a hud to let you change to a bunch of adorable colors. You can change the jacket itself, the frills, the belt and the buttons! It comes in this crop version and a longer version as well~ To. Die. For. <3

Did you see? Yes, it's happened. This Chobit bought the new version of the phat azz called the cute azz. It's much smaller than the phat azz so it works well with shorter avatars without looking funny. I had to make my hips a little longer to get the roundness that I wanted, but since it's a meshy part I don't have to worry about the ugly camel toe you get on normal SL avatars if you make your hips longer. (You all know what I'm talking about. My hips have been at 10 for years just to eliminate it! xD) Because of this I made my torso a little shorter because I refuse to be much taller than 5'5 on SL. IRL I am only 5 foot, and I -really- like being short. XDD

So I never got the phat azz because I had some beef with it. The stomachs are too small for how big the rear and thighs are, as far as I'm concerned. Great that everyone wants to have a figure like that, and it can be made to work with adjusting your avatar's width and wearing mesh boobies as well, but in the end on smaller girls like me it was just too big for my tastes. I stayed away from it completely. The Cute azz I had issues with as well. Belly and body fat have to be at 0 to wear it. This means I needed to kill my cute little stomach that I have had. It doesn't look bad at all, but I would prefer a version that would allow you to have a meatier stomach to match those meaty thighs. Personal preference. I also can't seen to get my Slink Mid feet to work with the ankles on any size, XS seems to work the best but there is still that little line of overlap that can be seen through. Haven't finished expirmenting yet though. The area where the thigh meets the knee looks funny, in my opinion. All of this can be overlooked though because in the end you are getting a great rounded shape that's smooth and HNG with a cute little bumbum that is more... anatomy correct for us smaller girls. Again, all my opinion! Never fear those who got the phat azz and want the new one! All your appliers still work! <3

Another couple goodies that you guys can fall in love with like I did can be picked up at the cosmetics fair. A store I hadn't heard about before, Random Matter has an -awesome- pack of chap stick lip glosses there and I -love- the way they look on. For a better look at all the colors you can check out Lilikinsbloggie because she took pictures of them all. These eyes are beautiful, omg. <3 They're by The Sugar Garden and I fell in love the second I saw them. They're a bit unnatural so I'll likely still use the eyes I normally do more, but these colors.. and the shine.. and the texture of the iris.. I love them all.


Body Stuffs;

Galaxy in Hazel by The Sugar Garden !!Now @ Cosmetics fair!!!
White Chalk in KitKat by Lamb !!Now @ C88!!!

Clothing Stuffs;

::Jacket & Hat::
Lilly Babydoll Jacket (crop version) and hat by Dark Midday Designs
Blossom in White by Muka
Supa Ripped Booty Jeans in Skully by Tartcake
Druna Boots by Bowtique

Extras && Accessories;

::Bow on Bow on Hat::
Briar Bow in Plain White by Remarkable Oblivion
::Eye Liner::
Tiffany Liner in Black by Glam Affair !!Now @ Cosmetics Fair!!!
::Lip Gloss 1::
Glossy Chapstick in Mercury by Random Matter
::Lipgloss 2::
Glossy Lip Highlights in 3D by Izzies
High Maintenance Blush in Princess by The Sugar Garden
::Choker and Ring 1::
Cathia Mesh Bow Tie and Ring by Pheobe's
Over The Moon Necklace in Silver by Magic Nook !!Now @ The Dressing Room!!!
::Ring 2::
Black Cross Ring by Room Of Amo
::Rings 3::
Raus Rings by Scrub
Bowie Belt in Zebra II by Candy Doll !!Gacha!!!

Luck Inc's Cute Azz and Slink Elegant 1 hands worn. Appliers by By Snow for the nails. <33

See you tomorrow! I'll show off a little more skin and the azzie a bit more for you then! <3


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