Monday, August 26, 2013

Bitter Bunny's Rini Hime and Pose Play!

When I got back today I decided to unbox a bunch of stuff I've gotten in the last few weeks and put them into the folders they belong in. A group I'm in has weekly cleaning inventory Wednesdays and I clean with them, so I figured emptying boxes into my inventory was a great way to start the next week because now it gives me a lot to clean up come Wednesday!

In doing so I found some clothes I forgot I bought! Bitter Bunnies Designs has faction'd her stores into mini labels by look, one of which being Rini Hime which is my favorite of all of them due to the light colors and cutesy design of the clothes.

So I used this adorable jumper skirt she made because I about diiied when I saw it. <3

I also found a few poses that I found free on the MP that I'd never gotten a chance to play with. My friend Blu wanted to be a part of a photo shoot after my other friend and I did one with our characters we made so I decided to test the poses with her.


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