Thursday, August 22, 2013

RMK's elegance~ A couple's shoot! >//<~

So far so good on getting a post in a day. I really want to show off more of my looks, and I'm having a lot of fun doing it.

Now normally I venture on SL with friends, alone in the world of 'real' as my lovebug works. However, last night when he came home and saw me dressing he asked if I thought I could dress him, and I said of course, I dress boys! (A joke between us because I've dressed friends who were male irl and had female avatars) His response to that was no, really, as a boy. I was a little taken, I haven't dressed a male av before.

In the end we decided to shop, and today he gave me L to get a dress that matched one of the outfits he made last night.

It inspired me to do this post!

I love the elegance of RMK's clothing, and should really invest in more of it. I neglect Gothy lolita because I sooo adore sweets.

Hope you enjoyed!

NC for this one will have both the male and female information on it, but will not be available until Monday August 26th.



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