Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cute on a budget 1 ; Soul Glitter

Most things don't come cheap here in SL, and for those of us who don't want to put money in world (Or those of you maybe, I do it when I can I'm terrible with shopping XD) it can make being super cute and/or as sexy as you want to be pretty difficult.

I'm pretty awesome at finding a good deal. I'm going to try to do these 'cute on a budget' posts once a week, showcasing a bunch of great freebies/dollarbies I've found in my travels.

I also realized that while I say I have a varied fashion style in SL, mostly because I love color vomit and playing with things, that I've only thus far shown super cutesy outfits. Here's one a little on the more mature side, although I couldn't eliminate cute all together. I'm a sucker for it!

Four of the eight things I'm wearing are available on the MP or in world for free or just 1L. I say eight things because the pearl set (necklace, bracelets, and ring) are available all together for free and so I counted it as one item. The other things I'm wearing vary but are still under 300L each. (Hairs are usually 250L and that's the most expensive thing being worn aside from the skin which is always the same aside from color variations unless specified.)

Because the theme of these posts is cute on a budget, I will be offering the note card on where to find the items in this look for free, including market place links and land marks. :D <3

For a note card, message Chobii in world. x3


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