Monday, August 5, 2013


Welcome to my cutsie little blog! I'll be using this space to show off outfits I throw together in the wonderful world of Second Life! No, I will not include detailed cards telling you where I got everything, because even if I did, you wouldn't be able to recreate my looks. Want to try? You can NC or IM me on Second Life and purchase note cards with the detailed information on my looks, including landmarks and/or marketplace links. I will label the stores most things come from, but it'll be up to you to figure it out from there.

I've been told I'm a master prim manipulator, why I say you won't be able to recreate my looks easily, anyway. The note cards come with the awesome privilege of me helping you resize and reposition (by text explanation only on the second) anything in the card (or even anything you decide to add to the look over what I'm using because I love creativity) to fit you as well as it's shown to fit me. With, of course, the exception of rigged mesh which is not at all modifiable. I will, however, help those who are interested in mesh clothing dress as well, seeing as some people can't figure how to make it work well.

(Dress and boots from Lo*Momo. A country and semi-lolita styled dress for when I want my frills and cute but don't wanna cover the girls <3)

And a little bit about me; I'm 26 years old and living on the East coast of the United States. I'm a logical person who is too much out of touch with her emotional side and slowly learning about it again. I am a woman irl as well as on second life. Irl I'm a bit chubby, but for the most part my avatar is made to look as much like me, but perfected, as I could make her look and still have her be SUPER cute. BACK TO BUSINESS: Because of this my shape is NOT for sale, so shapes will never be listed on my note cards unless I'm using a friend as a model. (Which I will do because my friends love that I like to play dolls and dress them up from time to time. <3Aubrrrryyyy) NOW BACK TO ME: I enjoy simple things, playing video games, reading a good book or manga, watching a huge variety of TV shows and anime depending on my mood, cleaning and cooking because I'm a house wife in training, and more than ANYTHING I am infatuated with everything that is cute. No, not that bs 'kawaii' genre that's out now, unless those things are cute and not just brightly colored and stupid and stamped with an emote to try and fit in; actually cute. Bunnies and sparkles and pink and baby blue and cupcakes and sprinkles and ponies and princesses! Pigrails, I love pigtails! I am completely in love with the Lolita style of fashion. YES. FASHION. I have a group dedicated to it on Second Life that I also blog for. FASHION. Did I mention FASHION?

(Dress from Violent Seduction. A beautiful gothic lolita skirt with an under-bust corset paired with a blouse from Honey Kitty)

I am in no way, shape, or form a little girl. I like to be REAL sized, on second life. I don't understand you six and seven foot tall women who think that's normal. My avatar is short, yes, but she is in NO WAY a child. She also has QUITE the curvy figure, which children do not have. It's not often, but sometimes I dress in things other than Lolita that show it off. I like to be silly.

(Pants from Pinku Pantsu, a gift from v-day. Top from Deviance. Accessories from a bunch of random places. My lolsie charlie's angel look. :D!)

PLEASE. Feel free to hate on me, I'll laugh at you while you do. Call me a child all you want, you'll be incorrect. I'm an adult who isn't restrained by the confines of society and brain washed into thinking that at a certain age pink is for kids and I need to start liking mauve. Eff that. PIIIINK. <3

(Dress and shoes from Kawaii Couture. Shorter than I usually like for my skirts, but the coloring and silky look of the textures were irresistible to me! Bet you thought a pink outfit would follow! xP)

I'm pretty vain on SL, I won't lie. I come off as a lot MORE vain than I really am, because I think it's funny. I'm what my friends and I call a lol connesiur. I do anything for the lols, most of the time. I laugh at anyone's expense, even my own. Laughing is the goodness in the world, as far as I'm concerned, and anything that can be laughed at in any way, shape, or form, should be. So laugh at me if you want. :]{]]) <3!

I really don't like talking about myself, so I probably forgot a whole lot but I tried to cover it all. In the end though, this isn't about ME as much as it is my fashion sense. D; I'll be reviewing stores and events and what not as I blog for them.

Look forward to seeing you soon~

(Dress from Ambrosia and shoes from Katat0nik. Cute and daring all in one! O:)


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