Sunday, November 4, 2018

Counting down~

Not worried about the next bitch, 'cause I'm the next bitchhh~ and the next and the next and the next biiitchhh~ I love this song, but I don't love switching back to Maitreya/Catwa to blog right now... which I have been stuck doing for some of the people I love to blog for. SWITCH TO GENUS/FREYA SOON PLEASE. :'D <3

I know, I owe you a GENUS review, sooooon! I'm taking/editing pictures for it today! :'D For now we have an adorable shirt and a cup filled with the blood of my enemies, or so I'd like to imagine, from Cubic cherry and some ADORABLE glasses from Blah! To admire with a few other goodies that are detailed below. :*

<3 Countdown 2 days until I'm back with my love. <3

Body Stuffs;

Bae by Tres Beau W/ Body Applier by Sudio Exposure (I love this belly I refuse to go back. xD)
Lara by Maitrreya W/Hands & Feet (QQ Why? 5 Attachments... why?)
Tala by Catwa
Locomotion in Browns by Exile
Miley in Purple and Dark Hazel by S0ng
Magi Pixie Ears by Swallow

Clothing Stuffs;
Basic Witch Tees by Cubic Cherry
Akeda Harness & Shorts in White by Vinyl

Extras && Accessories;

Facial Piercings by Catwa
Heart Glasses by Blah!
Bewitched Collar in Black by Cubic Cherry !!Gacha!!!
We all float down here mask in Black by Black Bantam !!Gacha!!!
By Alaskametro but I forget which so will blog again. XD
Healthy Drink by Cubic Cherry


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