Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Personal Party

This adorable little kitten reminds me of my Stilts as a baby! I put together a little party of my own in a room I've decorated to chill in and looooove. Me and my bff this kitty cat have a tablet full o-books and some snacks to pack away this weekend right!!!

I'm also showing off two of Tanoshi's newer releases, the Bubbly Baba and the Heartdress! I hope you guys like! The adorable crown, balloons, and champagne glass full o-legs can be found by Black Bantam in a Gacha, oldie Arcade round because I'm always behind!!! I'm even late to my own parties!!! :* Happy shopping loves!

Body Stuffs;

Kyoko in Mixed Type by DeeTalez
Freya by Belleza W/Hands & Feet
Tala by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
Group Gift by Bonbon
Haruhi Ears by Random Matter

Clothing Stuffs;
Heartdress in Fatpack by Tanoshi !!Newish!!!
Ruffle Lace Stockings by Reign

Extras && Accessories;

My Princess Wire Crown in Silver by Black Bantam !!Gacha!!
Plate Necklace & top in Silver by Black Bantam !!Gacha!!!
Basic Pills 6 in Diabetic Gacha by Wesnesday !!Gacha!!!
::Sippie Cup::
Bubbly Baba in Fatpack by Tanoshi !!Newish Release!!!
Luxurious Fur Stole by Aii the Ugly & The Beautful
Bengal Kitten by Black Bantam !!Gacha!!
Kinglove Rings by Cult


Creature Planter in Pink by Zombie Suicide
Yummy Plate by Candy Doll
Iron Table by Funny Junk
Softchair by Lagom
Champagne Flute by Black Bantam
Reading Tablet by Wednesday
BFF Balloons in Tintable by Black Bantam


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