Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Nursery Rhymes!

I've wanted to do this forever and while it didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, I'm still pleased~ Proud to announce the little old woman who lived in the shoe who had so many babies she didn't know what to do!

All of these cuties around me are by Black Bantam, but don't worry there will be credits below so you can snag the baby of your dreams! My adorable gypsie outfit is a snag from Zombie Suicide. I'm not going to blab much, lots of work to be done! I hope to see you soon!!

Body Stuffs;

Kyoko in Mixed Type by DeeTalez
Eastern Eyes by Zombie Suicide
Lara by Maitreya w/hands &Feet
Tala by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
Buffy in Browns by Moon
Princess Ears by Swallow

Clothing Stuffs;

Speckled top by Zombie Suicide
Mermaid Skirt by Zombie Suicide

Extras && Accessories;
Rounded Nails by Zombie Suicide
Tarot Earrings by Zombie Suicide
Bloom Glasses by Cubic Cherry

Decor & Babies

Bath time Babygirl 1 RARE !!Gacha!!!
I <3 Little Girl hold !!Gacha!!!
Little Lily Bow!!Gacha!!
Little Boy Justin!!Gacha!!
My Baby Girl ALL Shirt RARE !!Gacha!!!
My Little Toddler Girl 02 RARE !!Gacha!!!
My Valentine Bear Pink RARE !!Gacha!!!
My Valentine Bear Baby Yellow !!Gacha!!!
My Old Lady Costume Baby !!Gacha!!!
Sleepy Cry Baby Bath RARE !!Gacha!!!
Static Elf Baby !!Gacha!!!
My Little Toddler Boy !!Gacha!!!
Baby Yukiko Polka !!Gacha!!!
Christmas Miracle Baby !!Gacha!!
Baby Takeo Dinos !!Gacha!!!
Pumpkin Baby 3 !!Gacha?!!!
Sleepy Crybaby !!Gacha!!!
Infant Baby Boy W/ Basket !!Gacha...?!!!

I honestly can't remember which is which good luck!! (For the gacha ones! I can tell you what baby is which. <3) ALL BABIES ARE BY BLACK BANTAM <3

Wingged Mommy Bag by Black Bantam
Carrot Garden by DDD
Tortise by Half Deer !!Gacha Seceret!!!
Bubbleblooms by 8f8 !!Gacha!!!
Self Picnic in Violet/Grass by Flowey
Mr. Mouses Door by Half Deer
Nymph Lace up Boots by Livalle
Bird Skyloft by 8f8 !!Gacha!!
Bird Tower in Blue by 8f8 !!Gacha!!!
Counting Sheep Fence by Mishmish
Trees by Banana Candy Trees
Trees by Alirium Elf Frozen
Trees by Half Deer Cloud Trees


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